Humanities Best, The Third

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"Thank you, I would much not have to have anymore limbs replaced..." I shift my left leg nervously.
"We'll, uh, keep that in mind."
"Thank you...." I enter the room that I was registered to and await the doctor to come and finish the work.
The doctor walks in and has Jarlburg lay down, then straps him in. "We've had others roll out of the bed before."

OOC: The bone regrow will hurt worse than the worst pain Jarlburg has ever felt. So....yeah, you'll have fun.
OOC: I would have figured it would be painful and it will out do most other pains that he has endured.

IC: I nod at the doctor. "Just do it."
He nods and injects it to the two broken bones, and an immediately excruciating pain sets in. "Give it three days. By the end of the second, you'll be able to ignore it."
"If they didn't send any spare parts they must be rather stupid even with their pretty advanced technology." I groan slightly with both annoyance and pain. I shake my head and again start towards the transport.
Julie heads to the simulator and gets in quickly. She sets it up so she would be doing quick sabotage mission. She wasn't the most stealthy, but she was a natural with explosives and computers.
"It was a field test. They wouldn't need the spares."
"You always need spares even on a test flight something is bound to go wrong."
"These guys' arrogance knows no bounds. Trust me."
I sigh. "Whatever I'm going back to the ship. I'll go to medical right after I change out of this armor. In MY room."
"Better, or I'll come a knockin."
I take a seat and strap in, talking with Solace privately. I get out of the conversation to say "We all in?"
"Go on ahead, I'll check this sim out. If it's really able to hack our sims, then maybe we can hack theirs."
I leave quickly take a seat and strap in. "Yeah."
Settling into where I'd have to be staying for a few weeks, I look at the doctor.

"So, what next?"
"Your Captain should be paying a visit once he's done on the Magnus Ship. Then you recover."
"Sounds simple enough."
He nods, checks Stephany's chart and leaves.

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