Humanities Best, The Third

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I awake again having fallen asleep. I look around the sparse medical room, not seeing anyone else in the room I move the blankets and stand up. I groan slightly and make my way to the door limping moderately.
A nurse stops Talena. "Back to bed with you. You're more hurt than initially thought."
Julie has her Typhon in her right hand and combat knife in the left. She sits in a small storage room. She had programmed the simulation to put her into a Magnus base.

As a Gremlin, her nickname for Paululus, opens up the door she lunges and stabs it in the face. She winces as her left leg landed back down on the ground, even in the simulation she had the same pain from the wound she acquired in the real world earlier, it slightly surprised her, but she had never been in a simulation while she had a real world injury before. She pulls out the knife and puts it away.

She looks around and nothing was there. She looks around the edge and sees nothing. She moves out and down the hall. She checks her radar for movement but there was none. She furrows her eyebrows because of this. She looks down the hallway she was standing next, and again, sees nothing. She continues down that hallway and checks her radar for movement down the next corridor. Again, nothing. She looks down and there was nothing. Something was wrong. Very, very wrong.
"H-how much worse?" I don't move from where I am.
"The round fractured the collar bone and shattered a pair of ribs. We're using bone regrow to help."
Relaxing, I get a mini-comp from one of the medics. Bringing my files, I start rummaging through my various weapon designs, eventually pulling up a blank slate;
...I need something compact, but still able to pack a punch, I wonder...
"That explains why it hurts so much." I suddenly get dizzy from the pain and almost collapse. I catch myself on the door frame. "OK time to go back to bed." I begin limping back towards the bed.
The nurse helps Talena and then leaves.
I lay in the bed, trying to ignore the pain and eventually fall asleep.
Looking through a guide to medieval weapons, I bring up a series of designs for war hammers;
...interesting... but that makes sense, the smaller the point of contact, the harder it'll hit... I wonder what kind of results you'd get from using battle steel?...
Julie turns down the hall and a bit of the wall pops out behind her and a Snake Man, her nickname for Safrilians, jumps out. He lunges at her with his Energy Claw. Luckily Julie kept an eye on her radar and moves out of the way quickly. She winces from the pain in her leg and she starts firing her Typhon at the head of the Snake Man. He lunges at her but the bullets had pierced the shields and were starting to tear through his face. The Snake Man falls dead right at the feet of Julie, his Energy Claw had come very close to impaling her.

Julie leans against the wall and reloads the Typhon. "This is, interesting, to say the least." She says to herself. She continues down the hallway, limping.
I shout a few various curses in my native tongue as the pain spreads across where my broken bones are, before calming down after a short while.
"By my ancestors.... You weren't kidding about the pain."
Julie looks around the next turn and finds a door at the end. She keeps her eye on her radar and heads down. She finds nothing popping out of the wall so she opens the door. When Julie looks through the door and finds it to be the hangar. There were Gremlins everywhere, a few Snake Men, and a Ogre, or Juvalin. She pulls out her Mako and goes down to her right knee. She places the Mako on her shoulder and fire it at the Ogre. The rocket impacts the Ogre and blew apart all of the surrounding Gremlins but had barely done a thing to the Ogre, it had merely burned his skin. She goes behind the wall and reloads it quickly. She turns over again and fires it at the squad of Gremlins led by a Snake Man that was approaching and blows apart all the Gremlin's and blows the Snake Man across the hangar, his head had been blown to smithereens.

As soon as Julie finishes reloading again she finds that most squads are too close for her to effectively use her Mako. She quickly switches to her Typhon and cuts down the Gremlin's with ease. She retreats slowly backwards to avoid pain in her leg. She fires upon the approaching Snake Men but decides to just through a frag. The grenade hits the Energy Claw of the middle Snake Man and the grenade blows apart, the sharp fragments within slicing through the heads of the Snake Men, killing them. She moves upward and sees the Ogre in the spot it was in before. "What in the world is it doing?"
I reach the sim room and approach an Engineer. "We still don't know sir," comes out before I even reach the man.

"What do you mean you don't know? Are you telling me they've pioneered a way to hack our coding that hasn't been heard of before?"
The pain surges again making me grit my teeth but subsides a bit again. "So what happens after this besides waiting to heal?"
"You'll be able to move." He hooks up an IV to Jarlburg's arm with saline solution. "Get what rest you can."
"I figured that doc. As for sleeping that I am sure I can get plenty of." I state as I try to relax some.
A spear of pain suddenly hits you with enough force to make you feel like it wants you dead.
Grabbing the basic layout of a small war hammer, I quickly throw together the blueprints for one, using modern materials;
...good, but I know I can get more out of this...

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