Humanities Best, The Third

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I grit my teeth and curse several times as the pain hits. My knuckles went white from how hard I was clutching the bed with them.
The pain only intensifies, and confirms that it wants you dead. The Doctor pokes his head in and grimaces. "Glad I don't have to use that stuff on me..."
My legs thrash real hard fighting against the restraints the left putting the most strain against it.

I shout out a few more words and curses though the only a few could be understood.
The pain continues to intensify, the numbing solution helping very little.
My legs continue to thrash breaking the restraints.
Another set, stronger than the last, buckles down, keeping any thing else from breaking free. A guard walks in, ready to call for help since Jarlburg couldn't himself.

OOC: Guard in case of an attack.
My legs strain against the restraints for awhile before my right leg stops moving aside from occasional twitches but my left keeps going.
"That...looks painful." The guard watches and waits, and the pain continues getting worse.
I as the pain increases so does the thrashing of my left leg and the loudness of my shouts.
The guard simply sits awake through the night and as morning comes, you can feel the pain begin to subside some. The reality is that your body is becoming tolerant to it, but your perception is that it's getting better.
My thrashing subsides some, though it is only my left leg that was thrashing anyway, and my shouts are almost nonexistent due to shouting so much before.
OOC: Jester waiting on you so I can continue with Kit. EDIT: OK nevermind just going to take over the transport.

IC: I awake and groan in pain. The doctors must have used some pain killers but I had a feeling they were about to wear off.

The transport leaves the Magnus ship and returns to the UESC Cruiser. Everyone gets off and goes about their business.

I get off the transport back on the UESC ship and head straight for my room. Once there I remove my damaged armor and place it in the case I had brought with me. The case begins repairs to the armor while I put on a robe. I put Hos on my belt again, grab my personal 'computer' and head off for the medical bay.
Hearing ungodly yells and scream coming from the hallway, I decide to get up. My back was hurting pretty damn bad, but I could definitely move around no problem. I walk towards the direction of the screams, recognizing Jarlburg now, before they stop. Wondering what the hell was going on with him, I find my way into his room, spotting him and a guard.

"The hell is all the yelling about?"
The guard blocks the doorway. "Bone regrow, nasty stuff. Don't try talking to him, won't be able to til tomorrow."
I nod.

"Yeah, that damn's a helluva pain. Take care." I say, before heading back to my room, settling in once more.
I arrive at the med bay. My chest, arm and back hurt but it was bearable. I look around at the other Gladiators here several of which were worse off than I was. I almost wanted to turn around and go back to my room.
A nurse intercepts Kit and takes her to a room, where a Doctor begins assessing the damage.
I stop twitching all together laying still. My vitals read fine but my body was exhausted and just stopped move for now.
IC: I sit cross legged on the bed and go into a light meditative tance while the doctor inspects my injuries. I run through the events of the past few hours. I curse to myself for not realising the cannon had been there even though I had looked right at it a couple times.

OOC: go ahead and time skip if you wish. not going to be very active for the next couple days well later at night I will be more active.
I continue to tweak my design, eventually settling for a simple war hammer;
...I could super-charge the thing with electricity, but that'd be way too unpredictable... better to settle with something simpler and more reliable...

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