Siege Tanks vs. Hellbats in HotS

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I know that a bunch of terrans have been complaining about not being able to break tank lines in TvT. I was simply wondering if anyone with the beta has used hellbats to break tank lines because, even though they are slow, they still:
-have a large health pool for their cost and supply
-are not armored
-are decent to good against units that can't kite
-do crazy well against marines, which are often used to protect the siege tanks. Note: The marines cannot kite and still hope to save the tanks
-can be healed--->since hellbats are only minerals, there would be gas left over for medivacs to heal through tank shots (and other units such as ravens or banshees to help with the composition)
Just wondering if anyone has tried it, and, if so, how well did it work?
Battle Hellions actually get annihilated by marine tank before they get too close. On top of that, the regular hellion splash is actually more effective against marines. Battle hellions, when looking at splash, are really only good against melee units. This is because the battle hellions cannot shoot until they are range 2 from the marines, and even then most of the splash is in that 2 space from the marines.

-do crazy well against marines, which are often used to protect the siege tanks. Note: The marines cannot kite and still hope to save the tanks
Frankly, I have no idea where you got this impression. Do you have the beta? Why can't the marines kite? Why would Battle Hellions do well?

In short, i've tried it, and without way out macroing your opponent, Battle Hellions just aren't that effective in TvT unless you drop them in mineral lines.
In HotS gold level, I'm on the fence here: in games with MASS tank, like 12 or more clustered together, I agree with Zappy, hellbats will just get owned. If we're talking less, like maybe 5 or 6, then hellbats with MMM support can actually hold their own. They will soak up the damage and allow MMM to come in, or even allow your own tanks to seige up and attack. I've been on the receiving end of hellbat/tank/medivac, and I was surprised as to how strong that was. In long macro games, the best seige breaker I found is the battlecruiser, especially now with its 100 energy yamato buff.

I learned the hard way what happens if marines are unmicroed against hellbats with medivac support. It is not pretty. But microed marines should never allow hellbats to get close enough for them to do damage, you can always outrun them with stim and outrange them.

Keep in mind this is HotS gold league experience, so other players may have different experiences than I did.
yeah i imagine marauders>>>>hellbats in breaking siege lines as they are ranged.... i can break most siege lines with marauder heavy bio as long as i have a decent concave and am getting super fast upgrades. in my tvts ive been going double engineering bay bio and getting stupid fast upgrades and its sooo important

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