Hell's Bells RP part II

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IC: "Hades..... Hades inc.... It all makes sense! Whatever this gate is i bet its on top of the Hades Inc skyscraper!"

CR: 3 security guards walk up to you "are you Haze?" one of them asks
I was curious at this all, but I said, "Yes" in a stern tone of voice. Then almost if suddenly, there was a black feathered raven on my shoulder.... I just now felt it. Who's could it be from?
"About that gate. If you'll follow me, I'll answer your questions about it. Or try to."
CR: "come with us" they order
I was about to say no, until the raven began to peck on my head. Sqauking.... I followed closely.

Vikter smiled.... Now he just had to wait for that fight he was waiting for... And for the third eye to open.... In a sense.
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"About that gate. If you'll follow me, I'll answer your questions about it. Or try to."

IC: "can i have a nap first. i ain't in how you say tip top condition"

CR: They lead you into the skyscraper and gesture for you to enter the elevator
"Better." I walk in the RV and come out with a vial of blueish red liquid. "Drink this. It's...well, just drink it."
i take a sip and cringe, gulping down the whole vial. "the taste is not much but....... its not much" i say
The wounds heal as the Angel Emblem reinvigorates. "Demon and Angel essence. Pure essence. Will cancel out the effects of the most powerful weapons. Gonna take me forever to replace that vial..."
"you mind adding some kool-aid next time?" i ask before getting up and following Dante
OOC: Alright then.

IC: From the pocket of my coat, the encrypted transmitter that I have with me begins to make a beeping sound. I pull it out of my pocket and mumble "excuse me" to the squad leader I had been speaking to, before walking around the side of the building and receiving the transmission.

"Windseeker here. Emberlight?"

"I'm receiving."

"We've detected an in identified organism in the town near your position. We have a visual on it right now; it's massive, over thirty feet in length, and a flier. Strong but unusual psionic emanations coming from it. Nothing like we've ever seen before or have on record. Strange thing about it though; it doesn't appear to be on the normal visible spectrum. 'Plane shifted' would be the best term I can think of. Appears to almost be in almost a... parallel dimension. Similar to what the Protoss have been know to be able to do. Using normal cameras all we pick up is a human woman standing in its place; so far we're under the assumption that the creature is using the human as a sort of disguise. Only reason we can even see it at all is because this ship is designed to be able to pick up anomalies and psionic disturbances and such. I'll send a video feed over."

There is the usual momentary lag as the signal is beamed to me from high orbit, and then a (more or less) live feed from one of the Windseeker's cameras appears on the transmitter's tiny video screen.

"What on earth...", I mutter under my breath as the creature appears. At first glance, I mistake it for a Zerg Brood Lord, based on the overall shape of the creature, but I quickly realize that this is something else entirely. It has three pairs of pitch back wings matching with the rest of the body, which is the only part that looks even remotely zergish with multiple sets of spiked tentacles growing out of it and a mace-like tail. The creature is hovering in the centre of an open area surrounded by small buildings, which appear to be deserted and slightly dilapidated with age and neglect.

I remain silent for a few moments as I examine the thing.

"Emberlight? Are you still receiving this?"

"Yes...", I say hesitantly. "You say you have no intel whatsoever on this thing? It certainly doesn't appear to be of Zerg origin, unless it's a very unusual strain. Not to mention that there have been no recorded incidents of Zerg off the standard spectrum. And you mentioned possible psionic capabilities?"

"No intel at all. Our target identifier is switching between 'brood lord', 'leviathan', and 'viper'. And psionic ability is almost certain, the emanations are too strong to be misidentification or from another source."

"Alright", I say. "Keep a visual on the creature and notify me if it moves. I'll need it's location marked on a map as well. I'm going to try and get a direct sighting on it and hopefully figure out what the thing is."

"Wait, one more thing. Because of it being on a different frequency from the rest of the universe, you won't be able to see it with your eyes. To you, it will appear as we see it on the normal spectrum; as a human female. Just remember that the creature you saw is the real thing, not what your eyes see."

"Copy that, I'll be careful. Emberlight out."

I walk back to the squad leader, putting away the device.

"Sorry, something's come up. I have to run into the city for a bit. Not certain when I'll be returning."

Without waiting for a response, I walk out of the base towards the creature's location.
If I may, there wouldn't be anyway to see the demon outside of Limbo, so unless your cameras are that strange...
02/06/2013 07:12 PMPosted by Zarkun
If I may, there wouldn't be anyway to see the demon outside of Limbo, so unless your cameras are that strange...
I see. They are strange cameras, but still wouldn't see it normally. I'll edit that in a sec.
Looks better, but you still can't touch it until you get dragged into Limbo. You'll see a woman when you get there, not the Demon.
And having a C6TV camera see you would pull you into Limbo?
Yes, but the trick for the Dominion is instead having a Demon do it, as the C6TV supposedly supports the Dominion.
OOC: Zark i am following your char if you didn't see that post
Sorry, been otherwise engaged.

IC: "Eh, you'll live. Besides, you want it to work, you gotta keep it pure." I sit down at a computer and start typing. "Now, you said Barbas mentioned a Gate?"
"yes he said 'the gates will open and the bells will ring' or something like that"
I nod, typing in a few things before a picture of a wall with a swirling energy vortex in the center of reddish hue appears. "That is a Hell Gate, and most likely what he was talking about with the gate."

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