Hell's Bells RP part II

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I nod. "Best way to do it. If we don't know how it works, then why waste the time attacking it."
"call me when you have news" i say before walking out of the RV
I hop out of the RV, still shaking slightly as I follow Ventus.
I follow Ventus and Tycho

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I stare into the painting.... This made no sense? What was I suppose to look at?

Viktor was moving silently through a crowded sidewalk. Seeing a few of the Demons wanting to be "Pure" while a few others doing what they were born to do.... Both were abominations in his eyes.
IC: i turn "i'm going to need you all to be in tip top condition for this mission. this isn't about us anymore, the fate of the city is in our hands." i say "that means no sniffling" i continue pointing at Tycho "and a mental readiness to do what is necessary"

CR: "This could be all your's Haze if you just follow my will" i voice says
Glaring at Ventus, I bare my teeth, my eyes flashing red;
"I do what I have to, you can be sure of that."
I say, spitting the last word like a curse.
IC: "hope you do son cause there is no room for emotional breakdowns on the battlefield. Besides i have a special job in mind for you"
My voice cuts in in their ears. {Simmer down ladies. No splitting up. You'll need to acquire demonic weapons to destroy the gate. So, rather than beeline for the building, make a side track to the old warehouse district. That should have a couple demons for you to thrash.}
The bird was whispering in my ear.... To accept the proposition.... But to listen to it instead of him. "I agree."
IC: "there's always something in the way" i growl. "this should give us a good opportunity too. We'll take out control points of the city. Its either we go after the Verility factory and stop their production of brainwash juice or we go after the leader of the local nightclubs. Take out those damn succubus for good"

CR: "oh is that an animal in the building? this will not do. allow my men to 'escort' it out for you"
{Focus on finishing up in the warehouse first. Without those weapons, you'll never get past the fire knights.}
That was when the raven turned into a guard... One of Viktor's men. He spoke with a clear tone of voice, made stern. "I was given orders to follow her... Make sure she stays safe for other plans as well... They wont expect us... But they'll all expect you. Let us do the job we were meant to do while you do yours."

I watched all of this.... Where did the bird go? I didn't see the bird turn into a man... But I heard the voice.
CR: "have you forgotten who i am?" the voice says before a wave a pure demon force and power buffets the demon throwing him back, hitting the wall hard. "i am the chosen one and NO ONE asserts their dominance over me"
The Demon grimaced in slight pain, being thrown back against the wall. A few black feathers were dropping from his arm and floating off the arm and near me. "You know... We can always change her mind about your plans... You are beginning to break your trust with this girl. If she continues to observe this then she might think that you are something that she isn't aware of... That could be a problem for both of us... Fool."
"Let's get this over with."
I say flatly.
"Yeah lets."
CR: "oh that won't be a problem. i have set up an illusion, to Haze you are still the crow on her shoulder." the voice says before levitating you in the air and throwing you into Limbo directly at the glass wall overlooking the city. the glass seemed to open up, letting you out then close behind you.

IC: "you guys can go fight some warhouse demons. I'm going to get my demon weapon and mess up the world's favourite soft drink." i say before heading for the Verility factory
{Look, Ventus, you won't do any good in there without your weapon, and that sits in the ware house. Just, for the love of God, would you listen to the guy who knows what he's doing.}
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"Enough arguing. We stand a better chance as a group anyway."
I say, headed for the warehouse district.

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