Hell's Bells RP part II

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"I should be able to deal with that." I draw my twin CZ75's from my jacket and fire several rounds from each into the side of the warehouse.
i slap the guns out of her hands. "we need to kill the demons inside face to face not play demolition derby!" i growl. just then the 3 of us were pulled into limbo with 6 elite stygians waiting for us "there goes the element of surprise" i say.

OOC: elite stygians are like special ops kinda so they are not gonna be easy to kill
My chuckling can be heard over the strange radio. {You didn't have it in the first place.}
{well at least i didn't go and try and shoot down the damn building}
{Not that it would have worked.}
I roll my eyes;
"So disarming her was a good idea?"
I say, my voice dripping with sarcasm, as I lower two lengths of chain.
War, you have a hammer to work on in HB.
"I have more than just a couple pistols and shooting the warehouse was just to get us into limbo so we can deal with these creepers." I say as I pull a sword from my now obviously enchanted jacket.
"well lets just say.... not a good idea" i growl before shooting out a stake from Payne. the Elite Stygain dodged it with grace as they ganged up on the 3 of us 2 to one Nephilim. Summoning Beowulf i charged right at them
Taking a half-step back, I start spinning my chains, forming two 'fans' of death;
"Let's see how you deal with this..."
I mutter.
I bend down and pick up Romulus keeping my eye on the Stygains the whole time. I straighten up and then charge the Stygains.
War: the elite stygians split up. One of them charges straight for you but jumps in the air and the other one slides under you.

IC: i deflect the attack of one of the elite but was quickly flanked by the other. i switch my weapon into gun mode and grip Payne in the other hand, each gun pointing at one of the Stygain "so who wants to go first" i growl
Leaping to the side, I lash out, grabbing the airborne elite stygian in my chains. Using it's momentum, I hurl it a good 50 feet into the side of a building. Spinning, I face the second one, ready for it's next attack.
War: the Elite Stygain summersaults in the air landing feet first on the building wall and jumps off of it towards you while the other enemy lashes out, pushing you into the path of the other Stygain's attack

Lost: they part to the side and one swipes at your feet while the other at your face
I use Romulus to block the swipe to my face and my sword to block the swipe to my feet. I then tilt the barrel of Romulus slightly and shoot at the hand of the one that had attacked my head while lashing out at the other with a kick to the crotch.
Lost: The Stygain swerves to avoid the bullet and sharp pain goes up your foot as it hits the Elite's metal crotch area

OOC: should've probably posted a pic XD
I block the second Stygain's attack, wrapping it's blade in my chains, I spin, throwing it into the first one.
War: as if in perfect co-ordination they grab each other's arms, both spinning in the air and one of them is thrown back at you blade ready.

IC: they both burst forward as i jump into the air, sending stakes and shots spiraling after them. the Elite weave around the projectiles, only scraping them once in a while
OOC: oh ... now I want that sword ... is it possible to take one?
and I should have specified that I aimed it at the stygains hand not head ... gona fix that in a moment
EDIT: I DID specify that I shot at its hand.

I cringe from the pain of kicking the Stygain. I bring my sword around trying to remove the demons head.
I duck to the side and grab the Stygain's upper arm, swinging myself in behind it. forming a loop with my chains, I slip it over the Stygain's head, pulling hard.

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