Hell's Bells RP part II

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War: it does nothing as the Elite swings his head forward sending you flying

Note: the Stygains are like Machines, they may fight like humans, move like humans, and are flexible but they are made of metal parts.

Lost: the Stygain blocks your swing as the other one rears up behind you to stab.
Releasing the loop, I land on my feet. Spinning, I bring the loose length of chain around, the end curling into a flail as it slams into the Stygain.
War: the Stygain topples back with a big hole in its chest but seems unfazed. as you are distracted the other Stygain looped around you and is ready to strike
can someone please post.....
I wanted to push away from the guards but they were to strong. I tried to seek amity in my doomed self... I was being forced to do something.

The Demon appeared next to Viktor. "That fool of a Demon is being rash with his decision... The girl is useless if they do something extreme to the poor lass."

Viktor went to calculate his thoughts, his soldier was right... something was going to happen to her. "Get the abominations to do our dirty work for them... Tell them that she's no use to us dead or injured... That goes for both of us."

With a nod, the Demon disappeared in a flock of feathers.
CR: " i think she needs to go through our special ascension ceremony. boys take her away
I was struggling as they began to take me away, I couldn't see them so that was worse. That was when a third eye opened. Metaphorically. I just had to be dauntless enough to do it... I had to fall. Biting down hard on the one guard, his hand began to rush with blood as I managed to break free from the other arm. Falling through the window, glass flying.
CR: you are dragged into limbo as a couple of Bathos pick you up and lift you back into the room.

pic: http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130127233221/devilmaycry/images/b/b8/Bathos_DmC.png
D, let him do his thing. Jesus, but you aren't doing a good job of letting the RPer do their thing.
That was when one of the Demons from before collided with the Batho(s). Making me drop to the ground. I screamed with fear, fear of dying. Feeling the air rush against my hair and ears, stinging my arms and legs, as well as my face. Diving in the foulest thing ever... A trash can.

The aching ensued and I needed to get out of there. But as soon as I stood up, my leg crumpled under the pain. It was broken.
CR: " i'll get you someday Haze. no one can run from me..."
The voice grew louder, that's when I opened my eyes... I was never blind in the first place. It was just a fear that seemed real. The fear of losing my vision. The brain can bring wonder or destruction upon the mind.

Stumbling as quickly as I could. I can't lose my resolve to run. Never ceasing to stop, no longer how much pain that was brought to me, even if it intensified tenfold. That's when I couldn't take it anymore. Stumbling upon the ground and rolling onto my back. I couldn't let my fears control me. I couldn't let my fears become real in my mind, just like the last one.
IC: we were fighting a loosing battle. The Elite Stygians were too much, who knew what other foes await us. no we couldn't give up. i summoned Hikari, teleporting behind the first Stygain i stabbed it in the chest while the other one reared up on me. Phasing away to the left i charged again catching the demon unaware and plunging my blade deep into its side. i pulled my sword out and decapitated both of them
My chest was heaving heavily, up and down, in both pain and lack of breath. The searing sensation burned like the coals in a fire, and of rubbing alcohol. I was too exhausted to scream in pain.
Not on for long.

I continue to pound the Elite Stygian in front of me, reducing it to a pile of twisted metal. Twisting, I move to block the attack from the second one, but fail. It's blade slides home, running me through;
"..not again.."
I sputter, sliding off the blade, collapsing into a heap on the ground.
IC: i teleport behind the last Elite attacking Tycho and run him through
I keep the stygain in front of my where it is and wait until the last second before moving to the side as the other one impales its partner. I then bring my sword in an arc designed to remove both their heads.
Hope you don't mind this small bit.

The Elite spins, throwing Ventus back and turns to face him.

A hissing noise is heard as my wound sizzles shut. I Slowly get get to my feet, infused with a blood red aura;
"I'm not that easy to kill, demon..."
I growl, my chains glowing with the same aura, sparking with black lightning.
War, you're missing your angelic weapon. And no it cannot be a chain.
This is his Demon trigger.

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