Hell's Bells RP part II

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Darkra, you should post a link to the PRP thread in the OP, so people don't use the Char sheet thread for discussions.

Anyway, CR would you do an IC post as to what happens when Tycho tries to go through the barrier with Haze to get us rolling again?

sure its still in the popular topics section XD
Can't tell if that's before or after passing through the barrier...

As we pass through, I start as Haze cries out in pain;
"What's happening?!? Talk to me!"
I say, starting to panic as I lay Haze against the wall.
"I don't know! But it's burning throughout my entire body."
The pain surged throughout me as it intensified. Almost as if whatever that was inside was also a relay... A sensation of painful messaging going through. Signalling the hunters while the two of them took the brunt of the painful force.


A man was at a park, tossing some red colored grain to what appeared to be ravens. That was when he got the message. "So I can't hunt for you while you are down there... No worry... They'll want to move fast anyway."
Sorry CR, call me brain dead, but the last sentence of the first half of your post makes no sense.
02/04/2013 04:12 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Signalling the hunters while the two of them took the brunt of the painful force.

When you say Hunters, do you mean Nephilim?

02/04/2013 04:12 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
two of them

Who are you referring to?
IC: blood spurted from my mouth in thick globs. My entire body was riddled with bruises and cuts. To finish it off i was hanging by a metal rod pierced through my abdomen. "So this is what the mighty Nephilim is reduced to" Barbas chuckled. I was too tired and worn to even reply. This was it.... my death...... i closed my eyes and prayed.
When my computer decides to work I can help you with my Angeles char ... hate typing with this damn phone.
02/04/2013 04:19 PMPosted by Warhawk
When you say Hunters, do you mean Nephilim?
Nope, the Hunter Demons... But it would be no use anyway because of the area they are in... You are in a place where they can't enter.

02/04/2013 04:19 PMPosted by Warhawk
Who are you referring to?
Haze and the Demon that is bound to her.
IC: " Ventus..... Ventus" i voice called in my head "Dad?" i replied " use the power.....and kick his @ss for me!". My eyes burst open and in my hand was another weapon, a sleek double edged word with ancient runes engraved on it, finished with angel wings on its hilt and a double handle. "Hikari......" i mumbled. i just seemed to know its name. i pointed the sword at the giant TV barbas face and i teleported in front of him. the only trace of my original position being a couple of white feathers drifting to the floor. "its go time" i growled
Ah. Thanks for the clarification.

I curse, desperately thinking for an answer, finding none;
"Dante! Do you have any idea what's happening?!"
02/04/2013 04:29 PMPosted by Warhawk
"Dante! Do you have any idea what's happening?!
Just one problem before we continue.... he hasn't been on at all today so there might be a slight chance that he's busy tonight.

IC: I squirmed and tossed, kicked and thrashed while being tormented by the pain!


The man then stood up and made his way towards the TV station. He might as well check up on the news while it was still fresh and boiling inside of him! And then as if on que, the ravens began to follow him, six in total... With two of them morphing into two perfect disguises that resembled humans. "You two... Disperse and find out more about this girl. Any old friends she may have had, or family... And if they don't answer... Just kill them where they stand." He said as the two humanoid bodies walked away.
OOC: you decide to ask the person not present?

IC: i was a whirling torrent of attacks. phasing continuously and assailing Barbas with unrelenting rage and skill. Then it happened, the Tv screen face broke, revealing himself within it. with one jab, i ran him through.... "do you really think you've won young Ventus? soon the gates will be open! and everyone shall hear the bells!" he roars with passion "whatever it is you're planning we will stop it" i growl. "what drives you? What convinces you to choose good?" he asks "you know what they say 'just doing God's work'" i reply as the light in his eyes fade to black, his body dissipating into black mist....
OOC: imma double post here just to get this out of the way

IC: As if on que a C6TV camera turns to me recording live as i come out of Limbo. i limped towards it "you want something to report? report this" i growl before sticking them the middle finger.
Um, we may have to wait, as this sanctuary is all Zarkun's idea, and I'd rather not F!!! it up...

A piece of advice, don't look up music videos centered around Gamzee...

The mysterious man had then spotted a quite angry man. Flipping off the cameras. "What childish rubbish I must say so myself." As he continued his walk while chuckling down the path. He really was not that bright it seemed. Ventus in his eyes was a perfect example on why the show must go on.

OOC: War.... To late, it already happened.
i was still surrounded. Soon the cops will be coming and that is never good. i decided to call Tycho "Hey send someone to pick me up now" i choke the pain returning to me
I didn't know Tycho had a phone, unless somebody gave him one...

I answer;
"Uh, We're a little busy here, trying to help the girl you were so insistent on keeping from the demons.."
IC: "well send someone. i just took down Barbas and i don't know how long i can still stand" i growl before coughing up more blood
I over hear part of the conversation and turn to Tycho. "Where is he?"
I shrug;
"Given that he said he took out Barbas, I'd figure he's at the news tower..."

"I'm assuming you're at the news tower?"
I ask.
The man was walking ever so slowly towards the tired Ventus. Not giving himself away as he kept on moving forward. Such a man needed a lesson... Even if it would make him stronger or weaker, even if it would to help him or due more harm to him. It was all about the lesson of life.

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