Hell's Bells RP part II

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"yep news tower. but looks like someone already is here. It was nice knowing you guys" i cough before ending the call. "i know you're here! its amazing how you kick i tired man when he is down!" i roar
A few black feathers landed on top of Ventus, some sudden pain was brought to Viktor... This man accusing him of nothing? "If I wanted to kick you, I would've done so already. Wouldn't you agree on that? But enough about that... I came to teach you a lesson... You are going to get yourself killed to soon with that attitude of yours. And that wont be fun."
I grit my teeth. "Damn I'll be back as soon as I can be." I turn and run off in the direction of the news tower.
"i'm near death already" i chuckle "so what is it that you want? I wasn't really one for school" i ask
"Good luck!"
I call after her before returning my attention to Haze.

How's Haze doing?
"Easy choice really, clean up your act and don't be a reckless fool. We all have motives... Angels, Demons, Hybrids. All the same, all of them different. But with that bravado you'll bring out unwanted attention from the higher ups... And the actual military. Now do you want that to happen to anyone? I sure don't." He straightens out a claw from his hand. "Or I'll kill you off right here and you wont have to suffer anymore humiliation or pain. You wont have to worry about life and it's sorrow. The choices are all yours. Or you could just walk away and learn from your mistakes."
"nice tips but the world is blind. I'm already a 'terrorist'. Besides what does it matter to you?"
The man chuckled and then laughed, messing with his own hair. "You don't understand do you? And the world isn't blind... Think of is as sweet pure bliss and ignorance. And there's always a loophole out of the contract if you haven't noticed already. In fact... Your existence is a loophole. Now let's go onto a broader area. Why it concerns me? Do you really want everyone you loved? Everyone you cared or have ever wanted to protect? Do you want them to be gone for good... Do you want the military to come in and question them before killing them?"


Haze had stopped as all it was now was numbing her sensations.
I help Haze to her feet;
"Come on, let's get you to this sanctuary. The sooner you get that ankle looked at, the better."
"you still haven't answered my question. What do you get for keeping me alive? What is it that you achieve?"
I make my way through the downtown area. I didn't stop or slow down as getting to my destination fast was more important.
"I wont be rewarded if I keep you alive, nor shall I be punished. So however you twist it or shape it. I'm not really gaining anything from it. But I would really advise you to stop giving really juicy news, or fingers perhaps? More than one planet watches this news... And trust me... Never mind the trust... I'm a Demon, how do you know if I'm telling you the truth? But if you do believe I am... My simple request is that you don't go ape !@#$ over every Demon you see? Not all of them are trying to cause trouble or destruction. Some of them actually want peace. If you think this is impossible for them to believe that... Tell me why Angels can be corrupted?" The man asked.


I began to mumble in a light tone of voice. "It didn't mean to hurt me..."
"What didn't mean to hurt you?"
I ask as I help her along.
"a wise man told me don't ask questions you don't want the answer to. You sound just like Haze you know that? But its gonna take a little bit of convincing to get me to trust you. Being on the run for most of your life does that to ya." i say before kneeling to the ground clutching my side where the pole stabbed through in pain
I couldn't answer that question.... I just didn't know it. "I don't know..."


The man shook his head. "Okay look? Do you want you and your friends to live longer and actually fight off the Demons that want to control this world? Not the ones that are living in peace. But the ones that are going to open the gate."
IC: "ya ya be careful no prejudice against demons what next you gonna tell me to eat my vegetables? Look you can give me your invigorating speech if i actually come out of this alive."
"Isn't that why you have friends? To help you? And I'm not doing this for you... Nor for my personal motives. I'm just getting one thing straight though. Don't kill anything that doesn't deserve the wrath of justice or revenge. And don't worry, we'll meet again sooner or later... Maybe against each other once you stop being a reckless idiot." The man walks away from Ventus.
"ya nice seeing you too" i say before limping for the door.
I skid to a stop in front of the door to the news tower and see Ventus limping out. I walk over to him breathing heavier than normal because of the run. "Need some help?"
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