Hell's Bells RP part II

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Let's see...

Ventus went off and fought Barbas, he won, but got the crap beat out of him. CR's new char. showed up and talked to Ventus, gave him an ominous message and left.

Myrivene (TLM's char) went to help Ventus.

We decided that Haze could go through the barrier, given that Tycho brought her through it, but it was a less than pleasant experience for her. Tycho and Haze talk a tidbit and start heading for the sanctuary.
Can I get the message for Ventus? Just so I'm not clueless again. And....I think the rest is fine.

IC: I start down the tunnel, watching the two talk as they walk. Hope Eva is ok with an extra helping of trouble...
Start reading at the top of page 5.
It's across their entire conversation.
IC: "just get me to where they are" i growl. as i limp, following the girl's lead i call Dante "Took ya long enough to send someone. Half dyeing here"
"Right." I take one of Ventus' arms and drape it over my shoulders and half support his weight while leading him to the tunnel.
"I have defeated Barbas but i am still unsettled..... He said something about a gate opening and the ringing of bells....."
"That ... doesn't sound good."
Beowulf suddenly appears in human form, taking my other arm she also begins to help me. "nice seeing you hear" i groan. "figured you needed me" she replied
"I didn't send her. I was busy with other things. However, I heard the bit about the gate and the bells. Head to my RV. Once your friend is healed up, she's free to go."
"nuh uh i don't want you having all the fun just tell me where you are. i'm a Nephilim not some old man"
"I'm having a friend of mine heal up her ankle. There's nothing 'fun' about that. Then we're taking the tunnels back to my RV."
"well i'm heading over there anyways. I think i've found Haze's demon friend"
"Yeah, about that...I think they used binding rituals."
"well that's a stickler. But there is also something i want to talk to you about. Barabas mentioned a gate before he died. Whatever it is it spells trouble."
"I heard you talking to the neph girl about that. You forgot you'd already called me. I can answer the gate and bell question when we reach the RV."
i round the corner to the tunnel "too bad we're already here"
"You might be, but," We exit the tunnel to be confronted by a female angel. "I'll talk later. Don't touch anything." I hang up. "Hi, Eva."

"You bring me a Demon Bound?" Her stare was cold and voice accusatory. As usual.

"No, I bring you someone with a wounded ankle. Once it's healed, we'll all leave."
IC: "healing doesn't sound bad" i say before walking into the tunnel. i pull out Hikari and sit down. So this was Dad's weapon....
My eyes widen as I realize who this friend of Dante's is;
...an angel... I wonder how she ended up in this hellhole?...
"She needs help, will you heal her?"
I ask, almost pleading, as I incline my head out of respect.
"I will heal her, but as soon as I'm done, you leave." I shake my head, about ready to slap a hoe.

"We'll leave, just heal her already." She nods and a glow envelops the ankle briefly then vanishes.

"It's done. Leave." She turns and walks away.

"That was quick..."

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