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Welcome to Roach Assassin!

North American Clan

--Warning: Join Clan At Your own risk!,This maybe the best sc2 clan ever!--

Y should i join?

Dedicated Clan leader with 5 years experience running clans!
Some Pro GM Players that hang around!
All leagues and races welcome!
All skill lvl welcome!
Daily Clan Events
Live Streams
Clan Wars
Voice Comm
Not Elitist
No Member Cap


1. You must be at least 16+ if younger your membership will be evaluated.
2. Must be active on Starcraft 2 and on the clan website or you will be kicked with in 60 days.
3. Must abide by the clan Rules and forum rules of the clan.
4. No need to change your name for clan tag.
5. Headset or Mic (is NOT Required, but is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).

-quick Clan Rules- (each rule goes into great detail)

1. Be active
2. Be nice. Show good behavior
3. Be willing to learn and train
4. No multi-clanning or Clan-Hopping
5. Take initiative, Participate in the community

-quick Codes of Conduct- (each Codes of Conduct goes into great detail)


-Important Note-

These rules can be changed or altered at any time by the clan management.
It is up to every member to know these rules, and follow it as long as they are in the clan.
Thank you for joining our community, we hope to have a lots of fun together with you as a team.

-How do i join?-

please go to clan website and apply to clan to join, thank you.


Clan Name : Roach Assassin
Clan Chat Channel :join for more info
Clan Website :
Contact info : Cryptwalker.881
Look us up on i website
I am interested, I wanted to talk to you yesterday, but did not receive a response.
BUMPer cars.
Bump bump
I made a mistake in my application my character's code is 363 and not 383, hope you can read this
Bump +1
Bump +1
great player community!-
Hi I just submitted my application hope to be able to join the clan...
Welcome to the clan :)
Join us!
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Great Community!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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