Game froze, but can play

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Hi, was just playing a ladder game and the screen froze but I can still hear and issue commands. Not sure if I should put this in bug or not, but its weird and annoying. Like I can click the mini map and select "units" and send them to attack, but the screen is frozen and I can't see what I'm actually doing, can't open the menu either.
Hi Genuine, I've seen a few cases of this happening recently. I would delete the cache and Blizzard Entertainment folder first, and then run the Repair.

If this doesn't help, I'd submit a Bug Report.
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I don't see the repair in the client, is there another way to access it? After I deleted the folders whenever I use the shortcut it defaults to the beta client (WoL still runs if I click play), not sure if that's relevant.
Having the exact same issue - if you minimize (press windows key or ctrl+esc) and go back to game then the screen gets updated and you can continue playing

the sounds you hear are the game started; just that the screen is not being displayed (mouse cursor does move though - weird)

it's getting annoying though cause after it happens once it happens at the start of every game - especially going from the finding players screen to the loading screen, then from loading screen to the game, then from game to score board

please fix!

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