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Hello I got a BETA key for HOTS today at EB GAMES in Canada. The Beta key was accepted and is now showing in my Games List on I have downloaded and updated the HOTS Client for Mac and everything works fine until I go to log in. It makes me select either SCII-1 or SCII-2 and says for both that the wrong client is being used. I checked and I made sure it was the US Client I installed.

Others on the forums seem to have the same problem but I could not find a fix. I was hoping you could help as I can still log into StarCraft Wings of Liberty with no issues.

I am really looking forward to Beta Testing HOTS ASAP. Look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you Blizzard.
I've got the same problem :( was hoping to find the solution on the forums.

Edit: Here is a bigger thread about this issue, Blizzard is still trying to figure out what the problem is.
As Fry mentioned, this is being looked into. You'll want to post in the Beta forums, as Mac Technical Support is not able to assist with beta issues. Plus they are able to post updates faster, as they are in the know about all beta issues.
I have the same problem but can't post in the HOTS beta forum thread. It says I don't have clearance for the forum since I am not in the Beta (which I am).

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