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Hey community, our clan, The Fade, used to be an Xbox 360 only clan, but now it has moved on and is now recruiting on the PC for games such as Planetside 2, League of Legends and of course, StarCraft 2. We are more of a gaming community then a clan, having both a casual and competitive side. We accept anyone no matter the age, skill, rank etc. All of our members are friendly and love to play with new people. If you want to know more about our clan, you can check out our website at but if you are interested in joining you can reply to this forum, send us an email to our clan gmail at or message me on StarCraft 2. My SC2 Name: AvengedFADE CC:182 Thanks for looking guys :)
I'm looking to put together a clan war sometimes this upcoming week for solid Platinum. If you are interested, please reply here or add me in game.


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