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oh snap! religious war detected! >.> <.< >.>

Any mention of religion != religious war

What's happening here is simply religious education, or an explanation of my beliefs. There's no argument over their truth or validity.

Allah Ackbar!
I like to drink Coke while I play, myself. I can't drink coffee because it violates my religious doctrine.

you might also have developed a placebo effect.

A placebo effect is where someone who doesn't receive a certain treatment (hence the name placebo effect) but believes they have been given said treatment experiences some sort of change as a result of the mental aspect of believing to have received that treatment (i.e. a reduction in pain after taking a sugar pill or before the painkiller has actually taken effect). This isn't quite the same, as the coffee would have to be non-caffeinated sugar-free in order to remove its stimulants and have it be considered a placebo.

I see what you mean, though: he thinks the coffee helps, so his improved mentality improves his gameplay. You could call this the Hawthorne effect, meaning that experimenting with caffeine while playing altered his gameplay as a result of the experiment itself (the caffeine may or may not have had anything to do with it).

You better be drinking decaf Coke because regular Coke has a lot of caffeine in it. And if you consider coffee a drug you should think of coke the same :D
I've got to say, I've been really entertained and totally impressed with how respectful people have been towards each other in this post. I personally agree with Heretic on the Westborough Baptist Church (I'm also Mormon). From what I've seen, I disagree with what they say and do, and it makes me really sad to see people that are so hateful. That said, we need to be fair. The media would do whatever it took to exaggerate things to make a story that would sell, and hating them for what they do would be no better than what they're doing.
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Your brain will also associate certain behaviors with others, like with Pavlov's dogs. If you get use to drinking coffee when playing a game, then when you start playing that game your brain will associate it with drinking coffee and instigate the craving.

I found this out the hard way and am still trying to break it. :(

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