Arcade maps won't load

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When I select open games I get a list with some maps but not all. They are simply .... it varies as to how many don't load. If I try and join one that says ..... my client hangs and i have to log out and back in. I also get a loading wheel if I try bookmarks or recently played. If I try the browse button same thing only a few of the maps load the rest are ..... Any help would be appreciated.
This may be happening due to the current known issue with AUS/NZ/South East Asia regions and DNS service.

Can you do me a favor and provide me with some additional information?

  • Run a traceroute to 1119. You should be typing this in Terminal:
    traceroute 1119 > ~/Desktop/tracert.txt
  • Telnet into 1119. You should be typing this into Terminal:
    telnet 1119

Post your results. Then try our workaround listed in the stickies.
here is the result from the trace route

1 ( 1.189 ms 1.311 ms 0.845 ms
2 ( 3.551 ms 3.062 ms 2.196 ms
3 * * *
4 * * *
5 * * *
6 * * *

Not sure what the telnet did, looked like nothing happened.

For the workaround, if i am on a wireless network do i do the dns settings on the airport base station or my comp??

You'll want to do it from your computer.

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