starcraft 2 where's my game??

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just patching to this latest version , I log in within the game screen , but then there's only "play as a guest" button?? WTF PS: mine is collector's edition , and can be played without problem before this patch!! HELP!! And my account is in fine status , can log in on battlenet web pages fine!
oh and after the patch it automatically reformed my game files on disc , it took quite a while !
I just found out my game have been reformed to starter edition, and that's why I can't play anything now! GREAT!! NOW WHAT??
NO reply? OK If this problem isn't fixed real soon, I'll never buy Blizzard games again!! :(
i got the same problem dude and blizzard support dont help at all!!!
Can you delete the cache first, and then the Blizzard Entertainment folder? Please let us know how it goes, and we can work from there.
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