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Hello fellow Starcraft 2 players; I am Rylus/Gamix and I am here
today to explain who we are and what we have to offer. Det0x
Gaming is a multi game Community strived to bring people together
from all over the world to enjoy what we all love to do.. Gaming!
We were founded by players for players in hope to bring a place
of peace where you dont have to worry about others telling you
that you're bad at the game. We accept people of all skill levels
for every game that we support! Varius Games we support are, Path
of exile, Minecraft, League of legends, Day Z, of course
starcraft 2 and many more! If we dont have a game and you would
like to see it in our community once you become a full member of
the community you can come to a moderator or founder and we will
be glad to asist you in any endevor you might have to offer! We
will be gearing for Heart of the Swarm when it releases!

Things we have to offer:

-free teamspeak @
-friendly community
-website @
-player giveaways(beta keys for various games, Copies of HoTS,

and much more)
-professional staff to handle all your needs you might have
-Microsoft Products
-Hardware sales
-Community tournaments
-Much more!
-Free membership, no monthly fees

This is just a sample of what we have to offer! Things change and
so do we, but what we dont change is how we handle our players.
From Public Players to members to moderators to founders. We have
your back if you have ours! We offer a home, a place of peace,
and a place where you can game with out hesitation! We are
family, we are friends, we are Gamers with ambition!

Become a full member and come to join us as the force to be
wreckon with in all current games, and up coming games we will

Register Here:

Once you register for the site go here and copy the application
and create your own post with your own answers:

Contact these people on teamspeak when you join:

If we are not online, we will get to you asap
MasterDavid here just wanted to add the Det0x community is the best. Being a hardcore gamer I have played with a lot of different communities. Det0x stands out as the best. When I first joined they were extremely helpful getting me started in their community.

Now being a moderator I can say we make sure the community is always positive and helpful.

You will not be bashed or made fun of if you are a casual gamer and not always know what you are doing.

We are extremely excited about the release of HOTS and have setup a specific channel on TeamSpeak for SC.

Below is my Dibalo 3 account once the new patch goes live I will be back on feel free to add me MasterDavid#1116. I have tons of storm shields and shield with crit for dueling!

Hope to see or hear from you soon.
Come join us in the starcraft 2 channel in teamspeak!
looking for all players new and old!
I'm looking to put together a clan war sometimes this upcoming week for solid Platinum. If you are interested, please reply here or add me in game.


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