SC2 music is forgettable and unmemorable

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In my opinion, SC2 has better gameplay and graphics than SC1, but worse everything else. Don't get me wrong, it's a great game. Just not as good as it's predecessor.
I won't say it's bad. But other than the Terran music, I won't say it's that impressive either.
What constitutes "good music" is subjective, much like beauty. Ergo, there is no point in saying whether or not Starcraft I's soundtrack is better or worse than Starcraft II's soundtrack -- it will vary on a person-by-person basis.

That said, it IS possible to assess and compare the technical and thematic qualities of music. Please bear in mind that I'm not a music authority; I know what I want to say, but I don't know how to say it. Please feel free to correct me.

In Starcraft I, the Terran music blended the banjo with the electric guitar and other more conventional instruments. This created a kind of "metal-instrumental-western" effect. Starcraft II continues this blend with the Terran soundtrack, with significantly increased production values (more instruments, more variation, higher sample quality, etc.). Personally, I was really impressed with the Terran soundtrack in both games, and enjoyed them both immensely.

The Zerg, meanwhile, were characterized by a heavily synthesized techno style, supplemented by stock sound effects. Though Starcraft II continues this trend, the Zerg music in Starcraft II is much less thematically unified than the Starcraft I Zerg music. The myriad Zerg tracks in Starcraft II are not organized around any particular emotional theme. Rather, they appear to be more of a generic assortment of riffs and tones, thrown together with some semblence of organization on a track-by-track basis, without a consistent emotional invocation.

The Protoss see the greatest difference between Starcraft I and Starcraft II. In Starcraft I, the Protoss music was characterized almost entirely by classical instruments and synthesized vocals, and each track had its own internal thematic and narrative arc.

In Starcraft II, however, the Protoss music is little more than sonic wallpaper, quasi-instrumental tones cut together with minimal variation, thematic content, or emotional invocation.
Starcraft 1 music, while conjuring up great memories, is very cheesy.

The music in this game is beyond phenomenal.

The orchestral rendition for the menu screen that harkens back to Starcraft 1 is powerful and brilliant.

The terran music perfectly captures the attitude of space cowboy convicts on a mission to wreak havoc in style.

The protoss music is other worldly and ominous as it should be creating the right amount of ambiance.

And the zerg soundtrack is sinister and brooding enough to make you feel like a monster.
its more of a good ambient music, its not really thematic enough to make it memorable.
But sriously, everyone, think about what the compistors have to think; what kind of music would represent Protoss / Zerg, be interesting to hear, transport you, makes you feel that race, etc. I do believe it's hard to get the right music for something that never existed. Note as well that we are MILLIONS of players and that we don't listen and like the same music. StarCraft's music for someone could be really really bad and boring while someone else feel that it's awesome.

Personally, SC2 musics are fine. SC1 musics are awesome. That's it. New musics will come eventually and who knows, maybe it will be even worser or... absolutly the best game music of all time.
In Starcraft 1, all of the races had awesome music. In Starcraft 2, unfortunately only Terran has great music and Protoss/Zerg have good background sound effects.
I smell a future stacraft HotS contest for race theme music.
Wings of Liberty was the Terran campaign, so you were bound to get more Terran music. Hell, it feels the same except with a bigger budget, all of the old soundtrack was done electronically by comparison. Glenn Stafford still did the Terran music, Derek Duke didn't really get to do much Zerg music that is until Heart of the Swarm.
Besides, the three games are kind of following a cycle, Wings of Liberty is the exposition, Heart of the Swarm is the Rising Action, and Legacy of the Void will be the Climax and Resolution. Even the voice director, Andrea Romano noted that she wanted to know what to get out of the cast for each segment of the trilogy. It was pretty much just that, so I suspect the music would also reflect the change of atmosphere.

The Terran theme in HotS really kicks !@# if I might say so. Derek Duke is also getting to really explore the Zerg themes, there is new music for multiplayer with HotS, too. Things are evolving although I am not quite sure what to make of the new Protoss music. I am not the biggest fan since it really doesn't sound as mysterious or convey a sense of latent power and wonder of the ancient race. It should be noted that all of the credited composers for the original games are working on StarCraft II, Glenn Stafford, Derek Duke, and Jason Hayes. (Aldrexus confirmed it in another thread)
I still think they made some bad moves with the voice cast, here are the few qualms I have with the voice cast: (Replacing Glynnis Talken Campbell with Tricia Helfer (Kerrigan), hiring Fred Tatasciore to voice Zeratul (Zeratul/Swann), hiring Ali Hillis (Hanson), replacing Michael Gough for Michael Dorn. (Tassadar) R.I.P. Jack Ristchel (Zeratul/Overmind/Duke). Replacing Michael Gough for the voice of Tassadar makes so sense given he voiced Cain for Diablo III, Fred Tatasciore and Ali Hillis just didn't fit in, Zeratul sounded to much like a doomsayer and Ali Hillis made Hanson sound like the most emotionless character in existence. Glynnis Talken Campbell > Tricia Helfer, listen to them both and I doubt I'll find one person who thinks Tricia Helfer does a better job. That they didn't give Glynnis Talken the part is astounding given she thought she already had it.
2 of the Terran musics are memorable. Heaven's Devil and Soundtrack 2.
The only Sc2 theme I found decent to kind of remember is Terrans.

I really do miss the sound design from Sc1 but I feel like Sc1 -> Sc2 decided to do away with alot of the kind of nitty grittyness bitterness. Which in all rights is a design choice and I just happen as a random consumer to like nitty gritty more than, refined / almost sleek? design.
Terran's SC1 music is the entire reason why I chose to main the race. Zerg and Toss had some pretty good tracks too but come on nothing beats Terran.

Terran's SC2 music is also really good and is a worthy addition to the Terran music arsenal; however, Zerg and Toss are pretty lackluster. Can't wait to hear what they have in store for HOTS though.
Hey guys I have a great idea for a thread! Let's discuss the objective merits of our individual subjective opinions on music!
02/10/2013 08:46 PMPosted by Omnipotent
Hey guys I have a great idea for a thread! Let's discuss the objective merits of our individual subjective opinions on music!

That's what we're doing.
02/10/2013 08:46 PMPosted by Omnipotent
Hey guys I have a great idea for a thread! Let's discuss the objective merits of our individual subjective opinions on music!

Hey, if anyone wants, we can turn this into an entirely objective theory seminar on the post-tonal nature of SC2's music and how it refers back to classical form.
I'll revive this thread just to say that the "Space Battle 2" Terran song from HotS will open up your skull and take a huge steaming dump on your brain if you don't like the music... That just happened
Just, no.

The Terran music in WoL is a fantastic, and much improved over the original Starcraft's music.

Protoss and Zerg music is a wash.
Zerg music in SC2 dont inspire terror at all, compared to the quite terrifying music the Zerg had in SC1.

I can feel this. SC and BW zerg music had like... insect like droning buzzing noises that somehow rocked. Also an insidious baseline that put one in mind of hydralisks slimily creeping through ruins and abandoned shuttles looking for victims.
I don't see how this music is "forgettable and unmemorable (Same thing, which should be an indication of the chatter to come)", and to the comments about how the SC1 music is better than SC2, now I didn't play SC1, but after listening to the soundtrack I instantly hear the SAME tracks from the SC2 soundtrack, then I laugh at how people come to the conclusion that they have. I understand it isn't 100% the same, but it's damn close to being a true replica, and personally, that is sad, as I thought the soundtrack I was introduced to was original. Either way, really good music to play games too, can't get enough. I know it's an old thread, but damn, I couldn't help myself, good day!
Just, no.

The Terran music in WoL is a fantastic, and much improved over the original Starcraft's music.

Protoss and Zerg music is a wash.

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