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so i was playing really awesome this whole season until i got to plat. i dont know if its mental or what but i have been playing terrible for like the past week. really big supply blocks, building 3 engineering bays, overreacting to drops, panicking against banshees, i lost to a 4 gate today that i scouted for the first time since i was in bronze, DTs....... you name it im missing it and losing to it.

im watching the replays and immediatly identify the major mistakes, oh yeah i lost to a 7 roach rush today that i had scouted and had 2 bunkers up defending my nat because i freakin left my supply depot down that lead into my main so he just waltzs around my bunkers and right into my main base lol.....

im just making really bonehead mistakes, its not my build order or my strategy, my execution and i guess just game awareness has gone down the drain... i even took a couple days off and i did a little better today but still made real dumb !@# mistakes. i guess just gotta play through it. anyone got any advice on how to handle the careless non build order losses and how to avoid it? im playing so bad im worried im gonna get demoted starting to get matched up against golds again (not that i have anything against goldies) and im droppin games there too
It kinda sounds like you're letting the pressure of the higher league get to you. Once you start worrying about losing and getting demoted... it's a bad way to think, and it makes playing stressful.
What happy said. Just chill out a little bit, enjoy the fact you got to plat, don't let it be a crushing weight of 'oh god I need to stay in plat'
Same thing here but I race switched and my last season pushed me into plat -__- not what you want when you are starting from scratch xD

Keep playing for fun, you will make your way up.
If you know what you're doing wrong then it's obviously just a mental block, and given the timing it's likely because you've got an erratic fear of being demoted. Just keep playing; you'll either keep losing and get demoted or eventually get comfortable enough at platinum to be able to focus. That's the only way to really get through a mental block like this, unless you have access to a therapist.
I'm glad I got to read this. I was feeling the same way after loosing 5 games today. It seems that I have not been playing well lately, and my scouting is not that good. But since I also have other things to do, I took a break and will get back to it , tomorrow.
Hey raiderryan, I'm a Master Terran, and I started in Gold league.

Wanting to win is good, but fearing losing is not. It's okay to be a little nervous as long as it's the right nerves. Let them work for you instead of against you. If they're working against you, take a 15 minute break and try again.

Remember that you're in Platinum because you're good enough to be in Platinum. Be confident in yourself and your abilities. You know how to win, you only have to apply your knowledge. If something new comes up you can watch the replay, learn how to counter it, and keep going.

Calm down, think clearly, and you'll win most of your games. You may even find yourself in Diamond/Master soon.

Good luck.

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