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How is this even possible? How are old d3 posts pop up on sc2 forum? I noticed it in 2 threads in last 2 days.
Looks like a bug
bug i guess
I've had that happen before. A SC2 post got teleported to WoW general. Didn't even have an active WoW account at the time.

02/11/2013 11:04 AMPosted by XSliceNDiceX
02/11/2013 11:12 AMPosted by Anesthetic
You have angered the gods,repent for your sins! Go and play diablo 3 for a few hours and buy some items (Specifically a legendary 2 handed sword thats going for $15 on the RMAH)



Not that!

I had the same issue once. It moves the correct post over to the Diablo forums, too:

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