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Time/Date: Unknown
Location: Research Station, Unknown Location

Pvt. Jack Marelos glances again at the tube filled with a light blue fluid. There was a creature floating in it, and it made him nervous every time he looked at it. The scientists spread out around the room ignored him, saying nothing to him unless they needed something in their lab, which wasn't very often.
Jack goes back and, for the fifteenth time today, wonders why he was sent here to watch these eggheads. As far as he was concerned, they did nothing most of the day, just walked around and looked at things in microscopes and fiddled with things in the computers.
He jumps as his communicator begins to ring, getting his attention and distracting him from the scientists. He checks the caller ID, and sees that it is a girl he has been dating. He answers the call from Shelby, chatting away with the visor down, not disturbing the scientists.

Within the tube, the creature wakes up, and looks around the room slowly. Everything was muffled within the tube due to the liquid and the glass. It flexes its muscles unconsciously, and glances at the marine in the room. It doesn't understand him, nor does it understand why its skin is red, or why the others are white skinned and shorter. One of the white-skinned ones walks up to the tube, and writes something down, walking away.


Break out of the tube, and kill everyone in the room.

Remain in the tube, and continue observing.
"I want to say kill everyone, but I think observation and understanding your enemies is important. So remain and observe."
Remain and Observe.
The creature in the tube decides not to do anything for now. It looks around again, taking in all it could. The red-skinned tall thing had a long item in its hand, with a hole at the end of it. The white-skinned ones carried around square things with a tube in their hands, not as big as the red-skinned ones. The red-skinned one had a yellow face, and it turned to look over to the side, stepping further away from the white-skinned ones as one of them spoke up.

Jack curses to himself as one of the scientists told him to move to one of the corners because he was too loud. He steps away from them and continues his chat with Shelby, his knife on his hip clanking against his armor.
"So, yeah, after this shift I'll be back in the barracks. Wanna see if we can find a place to ourselves?" He says over the communications channel.
"Mmmm.....Sounds good to me. See you soon, cutie." He grins to himself, and they both cut the channel. He walks back over to his spot, and continues watching the scientists.
"You done with your chat?" One of them says. Jack nods, and the scientist says "Good."

Continue observing from the tube.

Break out and kill everyone in the room.
"Continue observing. I don't think it would be wise to break out without knowing the uses of each of the items."
break out and 'poke' something! :P /trollface sorry couldn't resist.

on a more serious note Observe
The creature continues to remain in the tube, and it observes the white-skinned ones as they move around. It sees one of them uses the tube on the square for reasons the creature does not know about. Now curious, it looks around and sees a few doing the same thing after looking into some small tubes. As it watches them move, it realizes that there are others like it in the room. It sees five more, with the liquid in it.

Jack glances over the door as it opens. Two Marines walk in, and judging the way one of them walked, his date was here. The first marine walks up to Jack while Shelby stands by the door which had closed behind them.
"Alright, your shift is over. I'll take over for you." Jack nods to him and walks over to the door. Shelby nods to Jack and taps the console next to the door, putting in a code and opening the door. The pair steps out, and head down the hall, walking together.

Corporal Marvin Falad watches the pair leave, and nods to himself, happy for them. He knows that they shouldn't be dating, but he doesn't say a word about it. One of the scientists gets his attention, and says "Lock the door. I don't know how many times we have to tell you." Marvin nods, and goes over to the console, inputting a code to lock the door. He then turns back and heads to his spot, checking to see that his Gauss Rifle was loaded and had the safety on.

Continue observing the room

Break out and kill everyone.
"Continue observing and hope for one of the others to break out for you to learn the use of the new red one's object."
Continue observing.
The creature remains still, observing everything around it. It hears something odd, and turns to its source. One of others was awake, hitting the tube and trying to get out. One of the white-skinned ones waves to the red-skinned and the red-skinned one runs over to the white-skinned one.

"What do you mean it's about to break out?" Marvin asks, turning the safety off.
"The tube isn't meant to keep one of them in if they get aggressive, we assumed that the sedatives would keep them down. Please tell me you have those rounds loaded."
"Yes, I do. Just let the damn thing out, I'll put it down" Marvin takes a step back and waves the scientists back. One of them opens the tube up, and the creature rushes out, gunning for Marvin. He fires twice, both shots get the creature and knock it to the ground. He steps up to it, and fires again into its arm, knocking it out. He turns around, the smell and look of the thing bothering him.
"Get him back in, quick." He hears, and drags the creature back into the tube. It seals, and fills with the liquid again. He turns back around, and goes back to his spot, hitting the safety again so he doesn't shoot someone on accident.


Continue observing the room

Break out and kill everyone in the room.
Break out and kill everyone.
Observe. If you bide your time and play your cards right, you'll get an opportunity to fight back soon enough.
02/10/2013 01:29 PMPosted by Zarkun
Observe. If you bide your time and play your cards right, you'll get an opportunity to fight back soon enough.
The creature continues to wait in its tube, observing everything. It watches as the red-skinned one walks over to its tube and tries to see inside. The Red-skinned thing walks away, looking around the room and seeing what everyone is doing before heading back to its spot.

Marvin was bored. It wasn't a surprise to anyone that his company, the 141st 'Harbingers', hated being put on security details on these research stations. He checks his gun again, and his radio turns on.
"All teams, be advised, possible terrorist activity in the nearby areas. All teams be on standby." Marvin wanted to join the search for terrorists something fierce, but he knew he wouldn't be able to join them. He goes over to the door, finding the console interesting to look at. The door opens, and he looks at the person, another Marine.
"Corporal Marvin? Come with me, I'll send someone to take your spot. You're needed for hunting terrorists." Marvin glances at the scientists, who were ignoring him still, and he slips out, helping with the hunt. He locks the door behind him.
Finally, some action. He thinks to himself.

The creature watches as the red-skinned one leaves, and it looks at the scientists as the red-skinned ones leaves. It looks at the tubes again, knowing what they hit to open them up, and knowing the buttons to hit to lock and unlock the door.

Break out of the tube and kill every one of the white-skinned creatures.

Continue observing the scientists and see what they do.
Continue observing. They'll notice you're awake soon enough and then let you out to try and study you. Now that they don't have a guard, they're easy pickings.
"Break out. Keep them from contacting help. Tear them limb from limb and cut their throats."
02/10/2013 01:55 PMPosted by ShadowFury
"Break out. Keep them from contacting help. Tear them limb from limb and cut their throats."
I'mma gonna laugh when this backfires.

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