The Unknown Pre-RP

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Mecha, sometimes I feel like you are under 13. And if not...

I feel thats not very healthy.
Mecha access to that particular SCP is restricted to Zarkun's approval only.
Uhhhhh....what number is it?
Ummm I'm pretty sure you want that one to remain off limits and thus buried and not to be known ... about ...
I do, but it helps to know what's going on as well.
just read the last post on page 1 ... not sure what number of SCP it is but ...
I read it already after seeing Koro's comment. No cats, of that I can a sure you.
Mecha: No. Just No.
See? No cats.
Part of the reason why I dont think this'll be a good RP is the control, and the fact that there are so many SCPs that could just !@#$ over this whole entire RP. Like the Hard-To-Kill-Lizard, or The Sculpture, or The Old Man
Lizard man. Let's remember that.
Korozain: That's the beauty! And don't worry, I won't randomly kill this RP, nor will I set you up with Keters until later on.
I don't care. You may not be a kitten. There will be not cats in the RP, none whatsoever.
.......... but they are SCPs.
And you are not allowed to be an SCP. And I choose which SCPs will be involved in this. And cat/kitten SCPs will not be involved.
You have my blunt right? Cause I'm going to need to refine that !@#$!

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