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What's up Battlenet! I'm Winterborn, one of the leaders of RHgaming.com, better known as Relentless Heroes. We've been around since the release of SCII in 2010. At one time were one of the largest North American SC2 clans, and we'll looking to get back into it with the upcoming release of Heart of the Swarm. Many of us have Beta keys and have been playing both teams and 1v1's.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet: Here is what we are not:

1: We are not an Elitist Masters only club. We are a community open to all skill ranges, from the bronze noob to the Grandmaster. We have had grandmasters before, and we currently have members of all skill levels to play, practice, and learn with/from.

2: We are not an unorganized group of guys running around like chickens with our heads cut off. We have technically skilled leaders who maintain our servers and our top-end website (which is awesome, BTW...check it out!) Our leadership is active in our community, hanging out in Teamspeak and in game.

3: We are not a SC2 only clan. We have members who play Diablo 3, Dota 2, HON, LOL, and other games, so if you feel like branching out, you have members to play different games with.

To the hardcore gamer: If you are the type of player that likes to go hard or go home, we got a place for you. At the height of our power we had an active SC2 team with Grandmaster level talent that competed in clan wars against clans like vVv, FXO, CSL, and many other powerhouse clans. We'd love to start a team back up. Do you think you have what it takes to be on it? Join and find out.

If you are a casual player (like me) , who is just looking for a place to have fun and learn, then this is the place for you too. Players of all skill level to practice with and learn from, as well as events like King of the Hill matches where you can watch and learn.

So there you have it. RH is a community first. We look for anyone who wants to find a place to hang out and play, whether they be casual or hardcore. Come check us out. You can sign up on our website, and join our teamspeak with no obligations to become a member if you don't wish.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here, or email me at winterbornsc@gmail.com, or message me on the website www.RHgaming.com

Leader, RHgaming.com
Welcome back Relentless Heroes!

Nice to see you guys return to sc2 add me if you guys want to do a clan war some time!
GL with your recruiting efforts and see you on the battlefield

- Cryptwalker.881 Clan leader of Roach Assassins
Hey! I'm looking for a fun community and would like to join if at all possible. Please send me a message in game (Rinoa#487) or leave a note here.

@ Rinoa

You are more then welcome to come sign up at our site, check it out, and submit an application!


I hope to see you there
Guys, a note here. Our website is down right now for construction. We're working on a whole new format and its going to be sick! In the meantime, feel free to come join us on our Teamspeak server if you are interested

hello i want to join your community, what do i have to do? just join in Teamspeak?
@ Disturb

Yes sir! Just come hop in our teamspeak, since the website is down. Just hang out in the channel until myself or another admin is online and we'll get you squared away.


I have to work the next two days, so I wont be on til around 730 or 8 est tomorrow
ok thank you winterborn i will check it out :)

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