Reaper (Episode 3, Part 2)

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Previously, on Reaper:

Our beloved Reapers have been dropped onto the planet Char, ordered to attack a facility that has been captured by Raynor's Raiders, who apparantly have betrayed the Dominion despite the Zerg threat. Rebel scum! As Makenna and Peter assault the main entrance, the others slip in through the rear to capture the last piece of technology the Doctor needs. They also have orders to execute a prisoner held beneath the facility.

While they innocently slaughter guards and blow things up, unbeknownst to them some interesting happenings are occurring on the station. A powerful AI named Discord has invaded the station, intent on destroying the Doctor and his research, as humans are 'not ready' for that sort of technology. Agent Zack has gone rogue, and is assisting the AI in his mission, as he wants revenge on the Doctor for 'modifying' Laura.

Now all the pieces are starting to fall together. Will the Reapers finish their mission alive? If the station is destroyed while they are on the surface, they will be trapped! If they complete their task and return to the station, the Doctor will have the final piece of technology he requires! Forces of the Protoss, the Swarm, the Dominion, and more sinister things are all closing on this one place, each intent on the destruction of the Reapers.

But the Doctor has some plans of his own...
Project THANATOS Data Management.

Char name - "Ripper" (Real name Kain)
Killed by Zerg. Unable to retrieve body.

Name: Makenna Tora
Notables: Has exceptional regenerative abilities due to |||CENSORED||| ensure she does not recognize ||||CENSORED||| from |||CENSORED|||
|||CENSORED|||: Yet to be determined.
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 0

Name: Terrance Sornis
Notables: None so far. Possible control subject.
|||CENSORED|||: Yet to determined.
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 5

Name: Walter Blackstone Denton
Age: 26
Killed by Zerg. Unable to retrieve body.

Notables: May be particularly dangerous if pattern of behavioral effects resulting |||CENSORED||| ensure that potential stims dependency does not interfere with |||CENSORED|||
|||CENSORED: Yet to be determined.
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 5

Name: Alexander
Notables: Extensive damage from prior injuries may interfere with |||CENSORED||| be sure to test possible uses |||CENSORED||| from |||CENSORED|||
|||CENSORED: Yet to be determined.
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 5

Name: Jennifer Carzos
Notables: Massive stims addiction. Possible leverage? Ensure that |||CENSORED||| is not aggravated by |||CENSORED||| as in |||CENSORED||| case.
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 5

Name: Ben Quill.
Notables: A genuine psychopath. Was part of ||||||CENSORED|||||| not to allow |||CENSORED|||
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 0
Top Secret Files.

Provided by the Brotherhood.

Note - this is incomplete.

The Reaper.

A mysterious being that resides within the Void. It has power over life and death, and has been indirectly responsible for the destruction of the Overmind and Cerebrates. It sends assassins to destroy persons it believes are dangerous to the plot of the universe.

Abilities: Control over death itself.

Notes: This entity is essentially the Grim Reaper of its reality. Ensure it does not perform a Gyreman Breach.

Laura/Xeranis/The Clone.

The original specimen from |||CENSORED||| |||CENSORED||| |||CENSORED||| through his excellent cloning facilities produced a replica for further study. This was interupted by |||CENSORED||| |||CENSORED||| manged to escape. During its travels, it encountered Laura Wolfe, an injured Banshee pilot, and |||CENSORED||| gaining some Terran properties and personality traits. While disguised, trained for several years under |||CENSORED||| |||CENSORED||| |||CENSORED||| |||CENSORED||| last known. Very dangerous. Was being watched by |||CENSORED||| but he was ordered to switch targets and we lost track of this unique specimen.

Abilities: Full extent unknown. Shapeshifting and numerous psionic feats have been observed. An excellent pilot as well.

Notes: A vivid personality. A potential to form working relationships strengthened by a desire to test this potential.


This Ghost was a part of |||CENSORED||| during |||CENSORED||||||CENSORED|||, enhancing pyrokinetic abilties through |||CENSORED||| Escaped after |||CENSORED|||

Abilities: Psionics, with a tendency towards fire. Currently the best living Ghost at pyrokinetics.

Notes: Grouchy. Has befriended nobody since the loss of |||CENSORED||| during |||CENSORED|||

Inside the facility, Alex discovers an elevator with a single guard. Surely it leads to the detention center...



The remaining marine hurls a grenade and begins to retreat.


///The Doctor///

{Agent Zack, I can and will kill both you and Laura. I see to it she dies first so you can watch.}

I listen for a reply. Nothing. He's ignoring me.

{AI, think of the lives this technology could save. Cliche, I know, but it has never been more true of any device.}

*Zack attacks the Station*

I grab hold of the nearest object, trying to stay on my feet as the station shakes.

{Damage report.}

{50% of thrusters disabled. Warp drive is... impaired.} A pause. Bad news, I suppose. {Bombs have been set off in the laboratory areas. Most of the equipment is destroyed.}

Well, that's infuriating. So maddeningly angering that I'm not even angry. {Well, that's problematic. Worse things could happen. Is the warping device disabled?}

{It should still function properly. It is undamaged. There was another bomb placed in the central life support node, but a technician succeeded in disabling it.}

{Make a note of that. Assuming I survive, I'll be sure to give him a raise.}

{Yes, Doctor.}

{Captain, I'm rather upset, obviously.}

{Yes, Doctor.} Fear in his voice.

{Captain, I thought earlier I told you to hunt down the intruder personally. Yet you send some of those thick-skulled guards to do it. Guess where they are now?}

{Dead, Doctor.}

{Some other people are going to be dead soon if you don't do as I tell you. Agent Zack is back aboard the ship. You are aware of this, I assume?}

{Yes, Doctor.}

{Then I want you to personally hunt him down and kill him, and ensure that you do it personally or I will PERSONALLY make you regret it!}

{Yes, Doctor. But Discord...}

{I can handle Discord. I told you I had other lines of defense. You are not strictly necessary.}

{Yes, Doctor.}

I disable the comm. Now, to get rid of this irritating AI.

{So, Discord... you aren't pleased by what I did to Laura? Naturally, of course, I'm sure threatening to kill her won't affect you like that weak-minded Ghost. But perhaps something else will be... interesting.}

I press a very useful button on my wrist.



Laura's eyes snap open. There are two overriding, overwhelming words blazed into her mind.




Because I can, and this is a battle I have wanted to see for some time.
He already removed them KO. Fail.
Wait... So is the other thread useless now? I thought you said an error occurred and you lost this thread?
...Now it works. F*cking bnet...
I shift my from from the marine I had acquired earlier to that of a ghost, now dead. A friend of a friend as it happened, so she might have mixed feelings about the whole thing... but I had liked the form, and using it honored his memory as far as I was concerned.

{There is nothing I am aware of that can mentally unbalance me doctor. I however am about to make you very nervous.}

Weapons fire begins to roar outside the reinforced door to the bridge. Security guards begin shouting at each other.

There should be nine men out there, so no reason to worry... Right?

{THERE! *Gauss fire*}
{I don't see him!}
{ON YOUR LEFT! HE IS *Choking sound*}
{YOUR RIGHT! *Gauss fire*}


{Where did he go? Did we get him?}
{No body, no blood. Eyes up. Reload now!}


{Body count private.}
{Simmons, Hendricks, and Walker are dead.}
{Six left... Orders Doctor?}
Ugh... this is hurting my already hurting head.

Things are going ill with me, I have a headache, and I am very tired. This is not my best week, but really quickly I will sum up what I have already said.


Sorry, but you don't just subplot the main villain's plans out of existence. I thought this was clear when I discussed this with SB, but apparently not. Just clarifying. The changes WILL BE UNDONE (unless somehow the RPers "epic-ly" fail, not looking likely at this point), but not in a little subplot that says "OMG changes, let's have one Ghost undo them."

I apologize if this was not what was expected, or if I'm coming across as overly irritable.



I grit my teeth. {Stop that thing at any cost. Just hold it off a little longer, I have a back-up on its way to you.}

Too bad for them the "back-up" is just as likely to kill them as stop Discord. Well, what they don't know won't hurt them... or at least give them something nice to think about for the last minutes of their life. As for the Captain... he is not responding. He must have disabled his comm to make himself less detectable. I can only assume he's at it.



I am going snowboarding today, so I probably am not going to be available.
What the hell.... Are we all getting confused at the many Reaper threads or something? I'll edit in my post from the other Episode 3, Part 2 thread.

02/11/2013 03:59 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
IC: I was moving towards my target... Finally. The vent shaft was accessible in this location. Now time to give them a surprise.
I dropped the rigged jetpack down below and as it exploded there was screaming, blood and guts splattering against the walls. I jumped down and my pistol was aimed at the target.... I squeezed the trigger.
My two posts from the other Reaper.... Since everyone from my team was dicking around almost.... I took initiative. And I kept on telling them to not underestimate everyone.... Everyone is underestimating everyone.
02/12/2013 03:31 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
And I kept on telling them to not underestimate everyone.... Everyone is underestimating everyone.

*rubs hands evilly*
Then they must begin dropping like flies.

On another note: Laura VS Discord
My money is on Discord making a tacitly sound decision: retreating. Both are competent fighters, but Discord has fewer 'battle morphs' available to him. The only real advantage Discord would have is his ability to make her question herself and her actions. (Psyche warfare, no psionics necessary)
I quickly fire at the grenade as it flies through the air, exploding several feet above me. "Now that that's over, what are we doing now?"

"Knarled, I was wondering, could I drop Zaros in. He wouldn't really interfere. I would just like him and Andy to meet each other again, just some friendly bloodshed between old enemies."
My bone blade protruded from the chest of another Marine, quickly vanishing as I leaped up and over him, spinning and throwing several small psi knifes into the other three, killing two with fatal hits and missing the other as he'd dove into cover. Landing, I spin around and fire my C30B into his position, the armor piercing rounds going through the metal wall and killing him. "Where are you hiding Doc?" I move on. My cloak was pointless as I realized the marines were carrying infrared screens in their visors. So, I decided to mess with them and strike with the shadows, using what understanding of the Void I had at this point to help me.

Edit-If I may, my post right beneath the opening one is old and was put up before Bnet stupidly decided to make this thread inaccessible. So, disregard it.
"I'm not sure, we were the distraction." Peter explained, his eyes were locked with Makenna's. The most beautiful women he had ever seen was in the military with him, as a reaper, on a mission. He had to be dreaming. Peter tried not to gape and looked away hurriedly.

{Peter to mission control, I repeat, Peter to mission control, Requesting orders, sir.}
I intercept the transmission, though some what unintentionally. I'd been listening to the progress on the Reapers so I could time my ships arrival to get them right. {The good Doctor will be lying in his grave soon, but I'll be nice and send you a transport for pick up. Hope you don't mind fugitive life.} I cut the channel and spin around a Fire bat, slamming my psi knife into his head and pulling it out. Poor saps weren't even fully aware of what's going on up here.

OOC: It's still your job to keep the enemy busy. Distractions remain distractions.
The blood drained from Peter's face. He knew ghosts were trouble, but he had no idea how much trouble this one would prove. Peter swore repetitively.

"We need to get up there, now! If the doctor dies..." He cut himself off, but his eyes portrayed enough.

"There's got to be some sort of transport on this rock." Peter explained, mostly to himself, as he looked around.

OOC: True, but it was unclear whether they were suppose to actually make an entry into the base or not and... yadayadayada.
I think you're just supposed to keep them from catching on to what's really happening.
Alright, I get it. :P


"Come on, we need to do some serious damage, then get back up to that station and save the doctor!"
I turned from Jinx to see Laura stumbling to her feet, and I leap up with a grin. This grin quickly disappears as I step back, guarding the cockpit from her, a low growl eminating from my throat.
"Jinx... take cover... something is still VERY wrong with my sister..."
Her eyes were blood red, and were wide open, staring emptily at me... it seemed so unnaturally dark in the back of the cargo bay... it was getting even darker..?

I lunged for her just before the shadows became opaque, and the light from her eyes diminished. I landed at the back of a shadowed cargo bay growling and hissing. I stand up slowly and look around.
"...I was so sure... my information was wrong... I KNEW IT! Dammit Zack... it wasn't her loyalty region at all... was it..?"
By now I was simply muttering to myself, audible to Jennifer in the cockpit, but not directed towards her. Finally I snap my claws, and I growl.
"The bastard rewired her... oh no... oh no this is not good at all." I grab her discarded mask, getting on the comms.

At Discord's location, the hallway begins to flicker, the emergency lights becoming brighter and darkening completely. The lights stop at a color, matching the pair of blood red eyes that stared at him in the distance. A dark, monotone voice eminates from seemingly everywhere in the hallway at once.
With a growl she lunged, the bones in her hands having morphed into large, razor sharp claws.
Makenna hears a high pitched shrieking, causing a splitting headache.
After a few seconds this turns into a seemingly insane laughter.
I see... Makenna... you are now more than a soldier... through me you are an instrument of the Doctor's will... now... The laughter cut off abruptly, and her tone became much more serious. The shadows were now obviously angled sharply at her, whether or not she and Peter would notice this? Up to how perceptive they were...
...Do you believe in overkill..?
I stared a bit blankly at the Ghost who had woken up. Her eyes were a very blood red, which sent a shiver down my spine. Eyes were certianly not supposed to be that color...

The changeling was muttering things I didn't hardly understand at all, and started talking to the Ghost Zack on what had to be the comms system on the formerly discarded ghost mask that had been lying on the floor.

I let myself sink to the floor, and hide under the console for the ship's controls.

"Come with me," he said, "You will be safe" he said...I'M NOT SAFE RIGHT NOW my thoughts screeched, but I kept myself from shouting at him for bringing me to this friggin ship of his...but that didn't guarentee I wouldn't do so later.

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