Reaper (Episode 3, Part 2)

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Speaking of portraits, what do you think of my new one?
The Roach has arrived.


When Zack destroys the transponder, the Captain makes no noise. He drops to the ground wordlessly, the only sound a thud as he strikes the deck. His body slowly returns to its original shape, though his skin is discolored and he is badly wounded. He gasps for breath.
I approach him slowly, only the Void blade still active. "Any last words Captain? Or are you to die as you fought?"
"Fought?" He says, surprised. He then coughs up a decent amount of blood.
I pull out a small canister of some kind of drink I'd picked up in medical and have the Captain drink it. "Are you saying that you don't remember the fight we just had?"
"You stabbed me. It was hardly a fight. The a-advantage was with you."
I hit the door leading to the cockpit. "How much longer?"
"The Doctor mutated you. Look at your skin."
THe Captain's eyes widen. "THen he initiated the program? And you survived?"
I levitate the pieces of the transponder in front of the Captain. "This was in your neck."
He nods weakly. "Of course. A communications device. It was placed there so the Doctor could activate me at will. Without it, I will die." He coughs up some blood. "Though my wounds should be sufficient for that. It is fortunate that you have killed me, for death would be preferable to the Doctor's wrath."
I cast a bored glance on the advancing crewmembers, and sigh.
"Tools... simply... they have no true purpose with you... you do not use them to their full potential... So unfortunate... a waste of precious genetic material..."
I slowly raised my arm towards the closest person... or what once was a person, and lunged, plunging the blade into it's chest, and pinning it's body on the ground, dragging the blade downwards, leaving the body with two cauterized halves, still connected at the collarbones and neck. There was an orange glow underneath it, where the blade had left an inch-thick gash in the floor, it's purple light dancing over and contrasting against it. My tail snapped out, impaling the head of another former crewmember, it's bones snapping loudly as the tail receded, it's tip covered in brain matter. Their move now... their time to die.
"Dear Doctor... do your men mean nothing to you? Are they simply faucets for your sadistic ignorance..?
I look at the Captain, and realize that the "Program" had not been his choice. "Tell me how you'd like me to finish this."
The Captain considers. He has little time left. "The Doctor, you... You don't know what he wants. The resurrection technology is effort... effortless for him." He coughs violently, then begins speaking rapidly. "THANATOS is just a cover. He's been using the Dominion to get what he needs for... for..." He shakes his head. "I can't say, even if I try." He grabs Zack by the shoulder suddenly. "He has.. another weapon... after me."

HE begins coughing again, then goes slack, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth.


The crew members advance on Andy with lightning speed, slashing with their blades.
I lay the Captain down and look at the mess we'd caused. I then head towards the bridge, flame slowly enveloping my body again. "I'm coming Doctor, and you won't stop me." I open a channel on my radio. {To all Reapers, whatever threats the Doctor has issued, ignore them and leave. He won't be alive to give orders soon and I have already dealt with his security forces.}
I look back at the others. "Okay... Can we make the assumption that we can't trust Zack or the Doctor?"
Discord smiled as he monitored the camera feed. Another weapon, eh?

Perhaps he could do something other than watch like he had for the last few hours.
Having the self-destruct at 1.35 seconds was fine if the place needed to be destroyed at a moments notice... but there wasn't much room for anticipation during that last second. Totally killed the theatrical element.
Their blades flickered, cutting through my thin skin... Pain barely registered in my mind now... the first two had my boney heel hit their skulls, my clawed toes cutting through their skin and bones as I spun, landing with two feet on the ground, one hand on my blade, out to my side, and my other flat on the ground.
I think I felt myself go airborne as I took the first step, as if time slowed and I looked at the monstrosities in front of me, my blade beginning to cleave through flesh and bone, literally melting what it touched... If one could study the bone I had pulled from my body... Intricate markings would have been plainly visible, forming a pattern of symbols and hieroglyphs on the hilt and grip... The blade had a unique history... and I had took it upon myself to make sure that a weapon of it's caliber was within my arsenal at all times...
For instance... a Void Blade unable to be detected or detained from me... made me that much harder to disarm...
{Whether or not you trust me is irrelevant. I can push a button that will blow all of you to pieces, and I will push said button if the sample is not delivered within two minutes. You have been warned.}

I glance out from behind a computer console at where the crewmonsters are fighting the Changeling.

{And just so you know, should I die the last thing I will do is press the "blow everything up button." Wouldn't want someone irresponsible to find out anything about my Project.}
"Yes, the doctor and Zack cannot be trusted... The only ones we can trust is eachother."

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