Reaper (Episode 3, Part 2)

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I sighed, and looked back at her.
"Well excuuuuse me Ms. Jennifer that our goodie-two-shoes doctor has brainwashed my sister into being his little lapdog!"
I hurl a fire bat into a group of marines, a small explosive on the fire bat's tanks going off, turning it into an inferno. I redirect the flame away from me and into another group coming around a corner behind me. {What fragment?}
I sighed, looking at Jinx with sorrowful eyes.
{The... the part of her mind that was with you... where did it go? Is it still with you? Because don't let it out if you can... That was his ace in the sleeve the entire time... he completely rewrote her... it wasn't simply her loyalty region... he turned her into a robot that only had a shadow of Laura as a mask...}
"I'm fine if the doctor dies. And if the station explodes. The man is messing with things that are beyond the power man should be granted. All the fighting I have been doing so far is more survival and to gain my freedom."
I curse. {The Clone? She went to the Doc's mind, then, from there, I think into a Reaper down on Char's surface. Discord would know for sure.} I move down another hall, firing into a group of Marines with my C30B, cutting them down before they realized what had happened. {Odds are it's trying to find a way back up here.} I move fast. Only thing I could do was either get her to hurt me, or kiss her. One or the other would snap her out of it.
I slumped against the wall... this was beginning to get to me... far too much than it should...
{...She might not even be her anymore... She was always a shadow... never truly alive... The Doctor gave my clone a purpose again... one that she subconsciously regarded as her calling... one that the Reaper couldn't hold up... being so distant and intangible... She's a machine now... a puppet...}
{I've got an idea, but...I need someone who understands my new anatomy on stand by to heal me. She loves me, that much I'm sure of, and so...she'll have to hurt me.}
{...You want me to provoke her..?}
The idea was absurd... What would we do to distract her from her programmed mission..?
{No, I'll provoke her. All I have to do is get between her and her target. Seeing as I'm the only one killing guards, she's after Discord.}
"I agree with you, but if the doctor dies and the station is destroyed, where does that leave us?" Peter reasoned, gesturing to the crap hole they were in now.
"Zack will likely get us out." I respond with a shrug.
The Ghost could care less about you two! All he cares about is his mission, which is to destroy the Doctor's project, and everyone within it! You Reapers are nothing more than expendable to him!
I had been scanning for the The Clone when I caught the tail end of what she said. That was true at one point, but Laura changed me. Makenna, that little voice in your head? She's not herself right now, so don't listen. I blink to a Marine and disarm him, slamming a bone blade into his face. "I'm coming Laura." Where is Laura, Clone?
"Will he? Why would he do that? He's a ghost, the only reason that would happen was if we helped him in return. Either way, it's better for us to stop him!" Peter explained while marching to the base, looking around to hopefully find a dropship of some sort.


SB, can Peter hear you, or just Makenna?
I approached the prisoner after I had shot them in the head... Coming up.... I snapped their neck in one quick session to make sure that the prisoner was dead... The target. Was it a prisoner? I'm confused.... But it was the target, that's for sure.
OOC: Only Makenna
You see? He understands that I threaten his plan for anarchy... He wants us dead... Do not listen to him... what does he promise besides the death of the only person who can permanently keep us alive..? There is much fun to be had on this field of warfare, my host... so let us reap the rewards of being here in the first place... Death and bloodshed...
"Only Makenna."

Hey, even if he doesn't I will be able to get off this rock. May involve me doing some rather indecent things, but I can pull it off.
Makenna, I mean it. She's been reprogrammed by the Doctor to kill...someone. I don't know who. Just find a way to push her back to my mind. I can keep her in check there. I block a swing from a Ghost and punch him in the face, sending him reeling. "Come on. You're better trained than that."
"Are you coming or not?" Peter asked Makenna, glancing back at her.
"Sorry." I hurry up behind Peter. How the hell will I do that? I'm not Psionic. I try to direct to Zack, hoping he will pick it up.

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