Reaper (Episode 3, Part 2)

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A gurgling scream can be heard behind the Doctor as I run a bone blade through the last guard's throat and step into the room, the blade vanishing before the Doc can see it. "I've come to end this."
I rise from my hiding place.

"Good. I've been waiting some time to hear your apology."

I wince as a spray of bluish blood spurts past me, and glance back at Andy and my soldiers momentarily.

"But make it quick. I have places to be, things to do, maniacal shapeshifters to... avoid."
"You think you've earned quick? Those Reapers are free to go their own way so long as I'm in this room. And my virus has already destroyed all record of your work, though I made an extra copy that now resides in the Void. When I'm done with you, you'll beg for death."
I shrug. "Death is irrelevant. I've been through it before. Also..."

I hold up my hand and tap the computer attached to it.

"Still got everything in here. Oh, and I still have one more button to push before we start. What's this one do?!?"

Suddenly, the station's gravity turns off. Simultaneously, a tractor beam locks on to the dropship. I take advantage of the confusion to kick off of the terminal, sending me soaring through the air.
The dropship got jerked on something... Something was pulling us in. "Peter... Are you piloting this thing still?"
I think quickly and throw a small bone blade, destroying the small wrist computer and then kick off the wall, tackling the Doctor into the ceiling. "Nice try, but you won't escape me."
Surprisingly, blade bounces off the device.

As Zack collides with me, I spin and plant both feet in his chest.

"While the odds of this conflict seem heavily imbalanced... I've been in martial arts my whole life, including Zero-G hand-to-hand combat."

The Dropship is pulled slowly into the hangar. Three guards are clinging to various objects, gauss rifles aimed, ready to receive the sample.
I flip and grab the Doctor's legs, slamming him into the ceiling face first and pulling off the computer before he can recover. I then pin him there with several bone blades. "And I'm a killing machine. You won't win."
"Winning is not necessary. Oh, and did you already forget that last piece of tech you were kind enough to secure for me?"

I strike a button on my collar with my chin.

"Later, Zack."

With a flash of blue light, I find myself in the recall room. I immediately disable it, preventing anyone else from recalling. I tap my commpatch.

"Corporal, have you secured the sample?"

{Negative, Doctor. The Dropship is being brought to rest now. We will detain the passengers and retrieve the sample.}

"Don't worry about the passengers, Corporal. They may put up a fight, and I have no time for delays."

{Yes, Doctor.}

I head for my office, the rendezvous point.
James Archer takes off his headgear and pops open a can of Cold Fusion. He takes a long sip and then looks at the sample that is secured around his waist.

"This is my first day on the job. I'll let you two decide what to do. Both of you know more about this Doctor and the facility he is in than I so I'll trust your judgement."
OOC: Long post, so TL;DR for you all.

Zeratul agrees to joins the hunt in order to uncover the secrets of the Reaper and its purpose and investigate the connection between it and his disciple, Xeranis. How awesome am I to give you a TL;DR?

[Back in the Council Room after the Council explains what they know to Zeratul]

"...This entity, this Reaper, its nature is clearly that of the Void and seeing it demonstrate its abilities when it sent those two to that dimension is a cause for concern. However, what I find most sacrilegious is its claims that it is the Void itself," Zeratul said.

"Why is that?" asked the Exemplar.

"The Void is everywhere and I know this for a fact. It is much bigger than a single being. For it to suggest that it is the embodiment of it not only goes against what we believe in, it also means we may have a much bigger present threat at hand. In addition, the Void sustains us and gives power Exemplar, hence we Nerazim revere the Void and anything that taints the void is considered unholy and must be purged. In recent times, there has been an ancient voice whispering from the Void. It is a chilling voice, a tainted voice that is subverting, and I have chanced upon it several times during my self-imposed exile.

"And you think this voice is the taint?"

"It is a possibility. If so, we crush it. If not, well if this Reaper considers itself the Void, then perhaps it can tell us what is the voice responsible for corrupting the Void though I have an idea as to who may be responsible."

"Your words suggest a diplomatic route," mused the Exemplar.

"An unlikely scenario but it is one that I am considering. It clearly is immensely powerful and if what is said to the Book Keeper is true, than I would rather avoid bloodshed," Zeratul replied.

"You would let this thing go free and do as it pleases?" asked the Exemplar.

"No, I think some sort of surveillance is required but think about it. Besides attacking us in this single incident, it has yet to show overt aggression towards us. And besides, as your two colleagues mentioned, they went through all the records to see if this thing was active at any point in the history of the Protoss and they've came to the conclusion that it has only began activity very recently."

"But why now? Why not some 1000 year ago when it came to existence?"

"We may have those answers soon enough. It isn't listening in on us correct?" asked Zeratul.

"Yes, we foolproof these walls to prevent all forms of telepathy from outside sources with the aid of some rather exotic materials," said the Provisioner.

"Good. I will aid your hunt. I wish to know more about this Reaper and its connection to Xeranis. For her to take on the appearance of that ghost reminds me of a very recent incident. You remember Jake Ramsey, the Terran archeologist whose mind held the conscious of the Preserver Zamara? Perhaps multiple consciousness are inhabiting one body; the ghost, Xeranis, and the Reaper whose more dominating."

"That'll mean it can take on any number of forms which will make it near impossible to track it down unless we recognized and recorded its psionic signature," said the Preserver.

"That can easily be done when we encounter it. I do think that it has taken a fond liking for those two forms," replied Zeratul.

"If negotiations break down, we will need the strongest and most elite force to subdue its physical form. I have already told you my reasons for why it has not directly manifested itself in our plane. If we can subdue the vessel, we limit and stop the Reaper's movements," said the Exemplar.

Have you considered it could simply relinquish control of the vessels? Or perhaps somehow teleport or break free?" said Zeratul.

"If that vault built by the Xel'naga can trap a god and seal its movement, we can do the same. Should it relinquish control, the vessel itself may be an interesting find. It'll probably have to find a suitable host in the meantime."

"Very well, you do your task. I will try to track Xeranis down and her ghost counterpart. I have to say, there is a lot of questions that are raised."

"And not enough that are being answered Prelate. And those that do only raises more troubling questions..."
"Holy Sh17! What the hell? Is the station pulling us in?" yells Archer as he activates his life support and puts on his headgear.
I curse and blink to the drop ship. Whatever happened, I had to prevent him from getting that sample, especially if it was that important. I appear next to Peter, in the chair as if I'd been sitting there the whole time, my feet up and me in a lounging position. "You're about to have company. Where's the sample?"
{Doctor, there is an anomaly within the ship as you predicted.}

"Agent Zack, right on schedule." I tap my fingernails against my desk. "Time to bring in my little bargaining chip."

I press a button and there is a blue flash. I gesture to the wall behind me and press a button. The wall opens, revealing Laura in a hidden recall room. Immediately two guards seize her and bind her fortunately unconscious form.

"Agent Zack, I know you're listening. I have Laura."
I grab the sample that one of the reapers had and threw it against the floor of the dropship. Stomping on it, destroyed it. Then after I unloaded an entire clip of rifle fire into it.
CR: you realize that doing that means nothing? The sample is a mass of tissue, and all I need is one cell.
{And I've got an Andy. I know your ploy Doc, and it's already set to back fire. I may not be connected to her, but her brother is.}
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I grab the sample that one of the reapers had and threw it against the floor of the dropship. Stomping on it, destroyed it. Then after I unloaded an entire clip of rifle fire into it.

"Moron! What are you doing firing inside a !@#$%^- ship in a space vacuum? Set one thing off and all of us die! And where the hell does the ghost come from?!"
"She will be just as dead if I die, Zack. Are you familiar with the concept of the quantum virus? And Andy had his connection to his dear sister jammed by my friends on the bridge. He doesn't even know what's happening yet."
"That's the one that is apparently the rouge! How am I supposed to know?!" I yell out.

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