Reaper (Episode 3, Part 2)

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"That ghost got the tractor beam."
"Oh... Then lets get the !#@$ out of here!" Peter exclaimed, beginning his short journey to the cockpit.

Peter sees one of the 'dead' guards suddenly between him and the cockpit. The viewport has been shattered. His eyes are glowing and his hand has transformed into a blade.

"Surrender the sample."


I glance around. Zack is probably closing in. For that matter Andy the Changeling too. Meaning I'm probably going to have to resort to my last weapon. Soon. Not yet.

Of course, they think I'm still in my office. Drawn by Laura's presence, they'll walk right into a trap. Naturally, they'll survive, but it will buy me the time I need.

"Corporal, have you acquired the sample?"

{#35 is securing it now.}

"Good. Regroup and move all units except the trap detail to the bridge. I'll meet you there."

Now I just have to get back to the bridge. This whole debacle is turning out not at all as expected, but it has been interesting. Still, I'll be glad when the last piece of the puzzle is mine and I can leave these wretched Terrans to their fate.
One of the sensors I'd placed on the guards goes off, indicating the correctness of my hunch. A small beep and the bodies of all three guards explode into uselessness. {Nice try Doctor, but I've had enough of your games. We end this. Now that I've tasted your blood, I know where you are. Well, roughly, but all the same, I know your area, and you aren't in the office.}

OOC: I will not let you get that sample XD
{Perhaps... but it is unwise to tell me that. I happen to have a little backup.}

I press one of my myriad buttons and immediately cloak, hiding me from mind and eye alike. I then slide smoothly into the recall room and reactivate it.

Good. Everything is going as planned. I smile genially at the four guards standing there and nod to one.

He turns to a console. "Energizing."

Suddenly, the three Reapers find themselves in the recall room with three Gauss Rifles aimed at them. I smile. "Ah, good to see you again. I've been watching you through the bug in that shuttle, and I happen to know something interesting. =

I point at Alex. "Take off your boot, and hand it to the Corporal, please."

The fourth guard steps up, a menacing expression on his face.

OOC: I did not ask your permission :P

Done for tonight.
I chuckle. {Your blood is in my body. So long as you live, I can find you. And I will.} There was a dangerous edge to my voice as I move through the ship, closing the channel. I would see him die. Nothing would stop me.
"I would love to, but somebody I know destroyed it." He reported, placing his hands on his hips.
He asked for your boot. Not the sample.
"Peter... That wasn't directed at you. Now shut up before you get killed... And it's just a boot." I say calmly, slowly taking off the boot until it was completely off. Tossing it towards the guard.
OOC: I don't know how this happened, but I was actually answering this:


Peter sees one of the 'dead' guards suddenly between him and the cockpit. The viewport has been shattered. His eyes are glowing and his hand has transformed into a blade.

"Surrender the sample."


"What's in your boot?" Peter whispered to Alex out of the corner of his mouth.
I shrugged. "How am I supposed to know? It's just a normal god damned boot that Reapers wear."
"Well that's odd." He said, mostly to himself.

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Wear* ;)
Shh, I'm still tired thank you very much despite sleeping in because I don't have school today.

IC: "Yes... Very odd and I might as well return the book since it's just a boot. Nothing fancy at all."
Are you even aware that I already killed that guard and that you're in a recall room?
The guard picks up the boot, glances at it, and glares at Alex. I sigh and look up at the ceiling.

"There's no need to be difficult. Other boot. Now."
I gave a shrug and undid the other boot, tossing that one next. "You know what... If only I knew what was so fascinating about my boots?"
"Maybe they're checking for shoe size?" Peter offered in a sarcastic, mocking way.
I smile. "Thank you, Alex. Now that I have this, you're all... free to go. Corporal, we are finished here. With me." We walk out of the room, which locks. One of the guards leaves behind a nice device that begins beeping frantically.
I look at the device. "Uh... What is that and what's the beeping?"
In reply, the beeping increases in intensity as the object begins to flash.

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