Reaper (Episode 3, Part 2)

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"Bomb... It's a bomb... We are so dead..."
I walk onto the bridge. I glance at the pice of equipment erected there in my brief absence. "Good. Let's begin."
"Oh !@#$!" Peter says loudly and clearly as he dove away.
"Peter... There's no way out so no matter what... You'll still die..."
Peter looked up, then awkwardly picked himself off the ground. "Well this sucks."
"Good thing you picked your own !@# up before I said anything to you about that... It doesn't mean we can't try. But panicking wont help. Didn't they teach your that at school or something else? Or..." I had the rifle aimed at Peter head. "... I can kill you so you don't have to suffer from the pain that the explosion will offer us."
OOC: So I pictured the room was fairly spacious and the timer is primed to detonate in like 20ish seconds to give the Doctor time to get to safety.

As soon as they left, James Archer set a G-8 breaching charge on the door behind him and set the bomb to explode in 4 seconds. He quickly propelled himself backwards behind a desk. The door exploded and James Archer placed his thrusters to maximum, flying out of the room.
An accurate assessment.
I kill another guard, my Void blade disemboweling him. "Doctor!"
"Well... If that's the case." I grab a hold of Peter and activate his Jetpack as I force his back at the right spot so we rocket out of the room. We hauled !@# outta' there.
"Holy F******************K!" Peter screamed as they soared through the air.
The Reapers crash into the wall outside, badly bruised but alive.

On the bridge, I begin to work on the sample.
Peter groaned as he looked up. A ten second pause ensued before he spoke. "Huh? What the..." He then looked to his left and saw Alex and remembered their circumstances.

"Alex... Alex, get up!"
Reaching the bridge, I engage the guards, blinking past the first one and then ripping his heart out with my bare hands.
The doors to the bridge seal, trapping the remaining three guards outside with Zack. A strange energy field encased the door, making it impossible to blink through.

I chuckle. "Ha! That Ghost doesn't have th eproper equipment to get through a door. Now, just a few adjustments..."
Spinning, I take the legs out from under another guard before impaling him in a flaming spear, roasting the body. "That won't stop me!"
"Maybe this will, freak!" One of the guards says, emptying his clip into the Ghost. The other remaining guard circles around until Zack is between him and the door, and assumes a more defensive posture0.
The rounds richochet off of the armor plating I'd put on my Ghost suit and I ignite the psi blade, the hall darkening as the shadows moved in. "Bad move, marine." Both of the remaining guards vanish into the shadows with me, and their screams can be heard in the bridge.
Anyone seen CR?
James hoisted Alex over his shoulders. He appeared to be well off than the other two.

"Get up Pilot, we are getting out of here right now. I don't care what happens to this place anymore. I don't plan on dying for something meaningless and I need someone to fly a ship out of this $h1thole."

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