Reaper (Episode 3, Part 2)

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You don't need to be psionic to push someone out. Just strong willed.
Peter looks around, hoping to find some sort of landing pad with a ship on it.

OOC: I need a DM to help me out here.
Theoretically you can't. Unless you find some vacant body that I can take full control of, I'm content with staying right here~
He's off snowboarding, or did you miss the memo?
02/12/2013 04:48 PMPosted by Zarkun
He's off snowboarding, or did you miss the memo?

I missed the memo :P Dagnabbit! Are there any co-DM's?
Nope. Not this time around.
Well that sucks... So... Should I DM my own space-craft or just say I didn't find one?
The changeling jumps at Discord as he turns his head. What she sees shocks her to her very core...


Another love long lost. Another ghost who had helped her in her travels.

And she hesitated. Granted, if she had been in full control of her mental facilities, dismissing the Skye in front of her as Discord would have happened near instantly, and Discord would have taken the blow meant to kill him.

But fortunately for Discord, she wasn't quite thinking strait. He leaped back as the changeling's claws sliced the air, missing him by inches.

And Discord ran.

It was the logical choice. Laura wanted to kill him for some reason, and he was outmatched. Discord adjusted his rout to pass the concealed auto turrets in the walls and floor (under his control of course). They should slow her down.
02/12/2013 05:12 PMPosted by MarkusDaWise
Well that sucks... So... Should I DM my own space-craft or just say I didn't find one?

Keep looking. He'll post eventually.
She began to run after him, the turrets being recognized as hostile as they slid out of the walls and floor, and then being recognized as harmless as her claws tore through them, neatly sliced pieces of metal clanging to the floor loudly as she growled, continuing to hunt... after minutes of heading in the same general direction, she slowed down, and began to stand up straight, sniffing around, like some sort of dog. Several Marines came around towards her direction, and she growled, retreating into the shadows again and blinking somewhere else.
She would find him...
and she wouldn't stop until she killed him...
But... why was Skye there..? Why was the image of his face... in fear... so... haunting to her..? She knew it was a mask... her life was built on masks... but why did she let the one of a dead man no less keep her from her target..? The Doctor would not be pleased... especially with the steps he took to make sure she would be ruthless...
I feel her blink and grin. "Got you." I follow, the small flame occurring as I appear in front of Laura. "I can't let you go any further, Laura. You aren't yourself." I kept a hand on the Void Blade. She might have experience with the Void on me, but I was still a better pyrokinetic and hand to hand with bladed weapons, unless she pulled a bone blade, then I'd be in trouble. "Focus on me. You want Discord, you gotta beat me."
I picked up the body and threw it into the ventilation shaft, I climbed in as well. Escaping with my life... Check. Have dead body of target.... Check. {Doctor... The target is dead.}
I raised my eyebrow, and growled at him.
"...Zack... secondary objective... Primary objective parameter: Discord..."
I watched the flame with a small satisfaction. I knew he wouldn't actually kill me... he would try and reverse the Doctor's ingenuity. I began to slowly walk up to him, hands behind my back, an innocent smile on my face.
"You know you wouldn't want to hurt me, Zack... how about you just step aside so I don't have to hurt you either? Discord and I have unfinished business to take care of... You see... there was one like you before... his name was Skye... and because of Discord I lost him... he was the first man who taught me to have feelings... Here... I'll make a deal with you... if you can make me feel again... given that you don't die first... then I will gladly let you free me... If you can't... then apparently I'm a waste of your breath... and then the Doctor will send me to kill you... and now I can't refuse the good old doctor... now can I?" I give him a devilish grin, disappearing again, behind him this time, with my blade to his throat, leaning sideways against him.
"Now what do you say, little lover boy?"
I envelope myself in flames to force Laura away. "I'm not afraid to hurt you to save you, and I'm not afraid of getting hurt." I spin around, drawing the Void Blade and lock blades with her. "This isn't you and you know it."
Zarkun, would you prefer Peter to interfere(Whether he succeeds in defending the doctor or not is another matter) or would you prefer him just be a good little boy and do the mission?
It's your person, but he probably won't live if he interferes. In fact, I can guarantee he won't live if he interferes.
Heh... Flame resistant jacket... always in handy... I began to lean in closer to the blades, grinning and flashing fanged teeth, lining my lips. "And so what if I'm not? 'I' am just a lab experiment anyways, just some creature who was supposed to kill another creature, but no, I failed my mission, just like I fail everything, because I'm not supposed to succeed, am I? I'm doomed to failure with everything that I've done and will do. Why? Because I'm not supposed to exist in the first place." My other hand grips my physical blade, whipping it out of it's sheath and slashing his forearm, jumping backwards with a sly grin, sheathing it again and watching as my Void blade begins to twitch and flicker violently, the flame turning the same color as my eyes, the colors of the flame inverting... the core of it turning blood red, while the outside turned into an outline of black.
The blade glanced off my new armor, but still managed to nick my inner arm and I mentally thanked my Protoss DNA for the idea as it heals. Focusing, I throw her influence from the flame and extinguish it. "You are who you choose to be, not a lab experiment to be toyed with." I ignite the psi blade I'd attached and slice the knife blade in half, spinning my Void Blade and locking it against hers while bringing the psi blade down for a blow to the head. "You taught me how to be human again, even if I'm not just human anymore! Come on, you..." I kick her back when she catches my arm with the Psi Blade, "are..." deactivating the Psi Blade, I draw my MP and fire, "who you choose to be!"
I feel the bullets tear through my chest, and I cough, reeling back, and clutching it, my gloves covered in blood as they come up from the several holes so neatly centered in my chest. One, over each breast on my jacket. I fell to the ground, on my side, my eyes open, and my mouth slowly curling up into a smile, as I began to chuckle, laughing and sputtering, coughing up blood every now and then.
"Heh... Hehe... So this is dying..? You're forcing me to be... even more of a shadow... Zack..? Why don't you... just let me do what... I... need- to do..?"
02/12/2013 06:08 PMPosted by Zarkun
It's your person, but he probably won't live if he interferes. In fact, I can guarantee he won't live if he interferes.

Eh... he probably won't live anyways. Knock yourself out.

To that end:

{You defeated the guards at the main entrance?!}

I draw a blank. They were sort of supposed to die. Not permanently, obviously, but... it was a suicide mission. Hm

{I need you back at the facility ASAP. Manually activate the warping devices in your suits; I can't get a ship to your location. Agent Zack has gone rogue, and an unknown attacker is attempting to destroy the station. Agent Laura is still loyal, but she is in a... destructive mood. Steer clear of her.}

02/12/2013 05:52 PMPosted by CrymsonRaven
I picked up the body and threw it into the ventilation shaft, I climbed in as well. Escaping with my life... Check. Have dead body of target.... Check. {Doctor... The target is dead.}

Whoa, whoa, WHOA!! Back up. I appreciate your zeal (I kind of expected this to be forgotten), but let's go back to where you found the 'prisoner.'


Alex's gaze falls on the 'prisoner' as he raises his gun. The prisoner is asleep. A female, very attractive, but her most obvious feature is her hair. It almost looks like a tangled mass of tentacles. As if by some sixth sense, she turns over, blinks, and looks directly at Alex. Her eyes glow faintly orange! Obviously weak, she raises her hand as if to shield herself, a vain effort surely.


If you feel like dooming the universe, you may proceed.

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