Reaper (Episode 3, Part 2)

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I rush up, holstering both weapons. Damn it, I knew I should have aimed better. "No, this isn't what you need to do. Laura, you need to do what YOU feel is right, not what some mad scientist who messed with your head tells you to." I start patching things, using some of my own healing abilities to try and keep her hearts going. I started to cry, the tears running down my face. "Laura, I need you. I love you. Please...come back to me."
OOC: Zanon, has Aximus fought Laura?

"I want a report on our progress," stated the Exemplar to the his fellow Councilors.

The Provisioner was the first to stand up and address his findings. "I have good news. It appears that we already have researchers examine the vault shortly after the entity broke free. They have been studying it since 2503, a year before the Second Great War, in the event we fought it again. They have made significant process in understanding the mechanism of the prison and they are all too happy in helping us construct another one. I already have the orders for them to return to Shakuras where they agreed to begin their work immediately. All I need is your approval to send out the memo."

The Exemplar nodded approvingly. "Excellent! Send out the orders. The faster we construct the prison, the better."

"Then they will arrive within the hour. They have already gave me a list of materials we need for the vault and some," the Provisioner replied.

"Ventures?" the Exemplar asked.

The Provisioner shifted in his seat somewhat uncomfortably, "Experimental research and development. I only procure materials for the war effort. Those Furinaxes came up with some ideas they want to play around with when they were examining KL-2. I tell you, they are an interesting bunch."

"As long as it helps us in the war, I am all for their work," the Exemplar replied.

"Well, if they don't blow us to oblivion first. Anyhow, enough of me. Did the rest of you find anything?" asked the Provisioner.

The Preserver spoke at this junction. "I have looked deep into the memories of the ancients of yore regarding this being and I have found nothing. I looked at our archives and still there was nothing. Besides what we know, this is the first known encounter of the Reaper to my knowledge." She sat back down.

Finally, it was the Book Keeper's turn. All this time, he was busy writing on a book, appearing to take no heed of the conversation. He noticed everyone's eyes upon him and he set his writing utensil down slowly. Sitting in his chair, the Book Keeper turned his body to face the others.

"The Reaper has stated that it was born from the Nerazim and it controls the Void. It also knows our plans. This it told me directly. "

Silence enveloped the room before the Provisioner banged his fist on the table. He shot an accusing look at the Exemplar. "Did you know this? Has he revealed it to you before us?"

The Exemplar merely gazed outside the window. The Provisioner already knew the answer. He shook his head angrily, "Preposterous! Absolutely preposterous! Are you saying the Overmind and its Cerebrate died because of it? That Tassadar also drew power from this thing?"

The Book Keeper nodded. "That is what it told me too."

The Provisioner looked incredulously and sat down, his mind racing at such revelations. Then he looked back at the others. "Insanity! This is insanity! Are we on a fool's errand? If it knows we are after it, how are we even suppose to catch it? It knows all of our movements! It is probably listening in on this conversation right now! Was that all? What else did it say!" demanded the Provisioner.

"Calm down! In the time it spoke to me I have kept quiet to postulated its meaning in my spare time and see the truth of its words. Though I do not know if this will prevent it from listening, I have taken every precaution in preventing it from peering through my mind since it spoke only to me, a Nerazim and not you which implies that it can only do so through Dark Templars."

"I doubt it," said the Provisioner crassly.

"Regardless, this matter concerns our security and I must speak. Consider this. If it were born from the Nerazim, then this being is somewhere near a 1000 years old as the first Dark Templars came into existence in the years of 1500. Coincidentally, that puts it around Zeratul's age."


"I do not think it speaks the truth entirely regarding it's place in the Void. The Void in simplistic terms is the cosmic energy that permeates through the universe. It was present always since time immemorial. The KL-2 entity was born from the Void and sealed away by our Creator, the Xel'naga." The Reaper's claim that it is the Void is as you said 'preposterous' as the Void existed long before it.

The Preserver's eyes piqued up. "Then it is not as it say?"

"We really won't know until we fight it. Perhaps all of what it said is true. Perhaps somehow during those 1000 years, it literally became the Void even though it sounds completely far-fetched."

The Provisioner scoffed. "If that were true, the Dark Voice will mean nothing in the face of this being."

"My theory to its existence is this. When our ancestors first accessed the Void, they somehow triggered the birth of the Reaper. Perhaps our collective drawing upon the Void lead to its creation. I do not know. All I know that in its own words, we are its "children"."

"This story gets better every time..." sighed the Provisioner.

"At the very least, the Reaper's modus operandi is through that ghost," interjected the Exemplar, "for whatever reason, it has not directly interfered with our affairs. I daresay, the Dark Voice must be quite displeased with this thing's meddling."

"Oh please, you heard the Nerazim! This thing bloody stated it controlled the Void. If the Fallen One hasn't killed this damn thing for the past millennia, not to mention in recent times for its incessant interfering with its devious plans...?"

There was a pause. The Preserver then said the thoughts on everyone's mind.

"Perhaps what it said was truth?"
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Whoa, whoa, WHOA!! Back up. I appreciate your zeal (I kind of expected this to be forgotten), but let's go back to where you found the 'prisoner.'
Sorry, I was just wanting to move along since everyone in my section was taking forever.

IC: My finger was squeezing gently against the trigger.... Until I gave in and fired one round. It had end up in the wall next to this woman... Who was she? I didn't have the urge to kill her as I once thought. God damn it.... I slightly lowered it but kept it's aim on the woman. What do I do?!
I raised my arm, placing it weakly against his chest, smiling and looking up at him.
"Thank you Zack... You made things too easy..."
The Bone blade shot out of my hand, impaling through his sternum, and sending his blood spraying against the wall. It wouldn't kill him... not now... but he would be incapacitated for a while... The blade retracted, and I rolled over, coughing and beginning to try and sit up, slowly supporting myself against the wall, looking back down at him with a frown.
"I was actually dying... but I can't go against the programming... not now... you shouldn't have gone against the doctor, Zack... I don't want to have to kill you..."
I tried to blink, but failing to do so I simply held onto the wall, beginning to try and find my way to Discord again.
I barely remain conscious and shake my head, chuckling lightly. "You missed something." I show her the detonator and that's when she notices the beeping light on her back. I hit the button and it goes off, putting her in my position. "Welcome to the hurt wagon."

Bravo. Excellent betrayal.


I have given you new purpose, Laura.


The woman closes her eyes, awaiting death.

Alex hears someone coming.
I fell down, beginning to laugh again.
"G-Good one... now... stop it..."
I slowly start to stand up, the wound closing and repairing, but slowly, and I cough up some blood, forcing me to raise my mask. "You know...*cough* *cough* I won't. I care *cough* *cough* too much about you."
I try to crawl a little more, turning and chuckling. "I... yeah... now...* I vomit up blood, hitting the wall grotesquely.
"...Now let... let me... do my thing..."
I pointed up at the vents. "Go in there and start crawling out of here. There will be a Drop Ship awaiting for us... And frankly... I can't seem to kill you. Now get going."
OOC: Aximus... No. I do not think he has ever fought Laura. As a matter of fact, he has the best chance of winning. If any of my characters is the embodiment of OP, it is Aximus.

IC: I had finally lost Laura. It was a relief. Only my use of Skye as my physical form had saved me the damage intended. Her sudden change of attitude could only be attributed to the doctor. Or just plain craziness, but I would rather exclude that possibility.

{That was creative thinking Doctor. You found something that represents a threat to me. Unfortunately, it was organic, sentient, and heartbroken... therefor fallible. I still live. And annoyed, but you are making this entertaining.}
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OOC: Aximus... No. I do not think he has ever fought Laura. As a matter of fact, he has the best chance of winning. If any of my characters is the embodiment of OP, it is Aximus.

OOC: He may be called into battle again. We'll have to see where my subplot goes.
I shake my head, attempting to get the focus to weld the metal near her hands down over her wrists as I stumble forward. "I can't. *cough* This station's gotta go, along with the Doctor." I cough again, a piece of bone in the blood this time. God, this hurts. "I love you too much for you to do something crazy."
{I understand that. After this mission I was supposed to plant a few explosives, but I guess something happened to make it happen quicker, Doctor. All I hope for is that you die. And don't sound so surprised. I am quite capable, especially with my regenerative properties, but you would know all about that, wouldn't you?} I smile as I say this to him. I knew I was doing something stupid, but I didn't care. I remove the warp device from my suit and throw it to the ground. {You can try to hunt me, but you won't find me.} I start to remove my armor.
I kept crawling, once every few seconds casting a glance back at him. "Heh... sorry Zack... sorry it had to be this way..." I coughed out a little bit of blood, turning to my bag, which had survived the blast, and threw a det charge on the ground between us. Rummaging within it again, I take my detonator out, smiling before coughing up more blood.
"Don't... follow... not this time..."
"Laura." I hit the jamming device I'd installed after Solar Flare, stopping the signal from working. "You're not *cough* *cough* going anywhere." With that I do a stumble run an jump on her, pinning her arms and legs and her body with my weight. "I told you *cough*, nothing crazy." {Andy, hurry and *cough* *cough* get to my location. I've pinned her.}
{Always happy to be of entertainment, intruder. Actually, my parents wanted me to a butler slash party arranger. Family trade, you understand. Generations of mind-numbingly boring butlers. My interests were elsewhere: the benefit of mankind.}


The woman shakes her head, then the door bursts open. In comes infamous outlaw, scoundrel, defiler of women, slaughterer of innocents, killer of children, spreader of falsehoods and stirrer up of rebellion: Jim Raynor. Unarmored, but pistol in hand.
Great.... That can't be him... Can it? Let us see.... It's Raynor... I guess I had to, but I wonder if I can leave freely if I drop my weapon here and leave for good. "So... This is who the prisoner is... They don't tell us anything anymore about this kind of !@#$."
"Our votes are tallied and this is what we do; we shall hunt down the Reaper and in particular, its vessel. I conclude today's meeting. Continue with your duties. We have a long march ahead of us."

With that, the Exemplar left the room. Though the mission itself may have been a fool's errand, was it not worth the risk to neutralize a possibly malevolent Void entity? Even if the Reaper itself stated that it means no harm, its words could have been a facade and that would be disastrous. And its reasoning for its power and existence was so far fetched. After all, how could a 1000 year entity control all of the Void? It just did not make sense. It had to have been borne from the Void.

And if it was responsible for all the previous events, how much influence did it have on the Koprulu sector? Who is the real puppet hiding in the shadows? The Fallen One? The Reaper? What exactly was the Reaper's purpose and alignment if it indirectly fought and hindered the Fallen One's plans? Are they wrong in their decision? No, it had to be right. Anyone who attacked the Protoss were enemies and must be dealt with force.

The more the Exemplar tried to rationalize his thoughts, the more extreme and absurd they became. He opened the door to his chamber and put on a casual attire for the evening, heading to the balcony where he saw the twin moons of Shakuras twinkling softly in the amaranthine skies.

We live in strange times...

He sat down on the mat and began his evening meditation.
Raynor's gun is out in an instant, but with Alex's weapon still aimed at the woman, he doesn't fire... yet.

"Who are you, why are you here."

Not a question. A command.

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