Reaper (Episode 3, Part 2)

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02/12/2013 06:59 PMPosted by smylez
He may be called into battle again. We'll have to see where my subplot goes.

Noted. T'woud be nice to blow things up again.
{You defeated the guards at the main entrance?!}

I draw a blank. They were sort of supposed to die. Not permanently, obviously, but... it was a suicide mission. Hm

{I need you back at the facility ASAP. Manually activate the warping devices in your suits; I can't get a ship to your location. Agent Zack has gone rogue, and an unknown attacker is attempting to destroy the station. Agent Laura is still loyal, but she is in a... destructive mood. Steer clear of her.}

Is this aimed at us?

IC: "Makenna, what the !#@$ are you doing!?" Peter asked, not sure whether to aim his weapons at her. The mission was quickly coming apart and it seemed Peter was the only one remaining loyal.
"I'll also make a deal real quick.... How about I hand you my gun, and once I explain my reason... I leave and never come back?" I put both hands up in the air and loosely hold onto the pistol. Then I answered that question/command. "I'm a Reaper by the name of Alexander... Dominion technically. I work for a Doctor and this was my mission... To kill the prisoner/target. But what we didn't know was who the target was... They wouldn't tell us."
OOC: Uh, whatever happened to James Archer, the reaper I introduced but never did anything with?
"Didn't tell you you wouldn't be makin' it out alive." His eyes narrow. "I shoulda known the DOminion would betray us the second the Queen o' Blades was beaten. I thought that traitor was the only one, though."

His finger tightens on the trigger somewhat, but he's not quite ready to shoot someone who is in the process of surrendering.


Archer is with the others (everyone but Makenna and Peter) on the landing pad at the rear of the facility. ALex abandoned y'all and went after the prisoner. He is now hlding a friendly conversation with Jim Raynor. THe rest of you need to secure the mission objective.

And yes Markus, that was aimed at you.
I gripped more tightly on the pistol.... Just in case if he shot me before I could act and dodge out of the way. "Listen... This wasn't by choice for me... I could die so many times and I could've been brought so many times... We were all dispensable. They already have a way to bring the dead back to life."
Raynor frowns, and his frown quickly turns into a glare. He noticed the tightening grip, and while he understands the sentiment he isn't about to lower his gun. And what could this psycho be talking about? He is a reaper, after all, crazy...

"What're you talkin' about?"

OOC: Ugh, it feels weird RPing Jim Raynor. I've never RPed a major character like that before.

Also, while I am quite enjoying the progress we're making... I'm tired and am about ready to quit. Just a heads up.
"Defying the Dominion, gaining my freedom, and hoping the doctor burns in hell." I say, my armor was now completely removed, so if he shot me it would not be weakened. "Go ahead. Shoot me. Be a pawn to the Doctor." My hand was gripping my own pistol so I could react quickly to him drawing his.
Hello, my name is James Archer and I am currently in the middle of a warzone. I am standing right next to a landing pad because this is probably our safest and quickest way of escape. Yes, I am on guard duty because I intend to live and that was my order. A boring job, but a smart job. It's been a damn year and I plan to stay alive for another year. You call me coward? I think not, I am merely a thinking man. I do wonder where the other Reapers have gone. Radio contact has been quite the pain...
The Doctor's voice sounds in Makenna's ear.

{The DOminion?}


{Makenna, the DOminion is merely a tool. My technology is beyond them. Their corrupt government could never handle it. I plan to ensure ALL people will have access to my technology, which is why the attack here. I don't need the item here for my Project, I need it to distribute! To escape the greedy clutches of the Dominion!}

A pause.

{But I need help right now, Makenna. I need your loyalty. And your reward... would be your freedom. For I believe all people deserve second chances. And...}

My voice lowers.

{I can reverse the damage dealt to you by the Reaper process. I can heal you, make you normal again! TRUE freedom, from past and present chains. Think about it.}

OOC: I feel like my eyes are about to fall out. G'night, all.
See? Listen to the good Doctor... James Raynor is of no threat to us. The Queen of Blades, however... It has been so long since I have heard talk of her... even now she is here with us... the Zerg within me is rejoicing in hatred and adoration even now... See the fear in her eyes... She is no longer fit to rule the swarm...
Andy leaped into the wall, stumbling out and tripping on a bleeding couple laying on the ground, and a loud crack as his face hits the wall, blood streaming down as he slid to the ground. Laura began to laugh her @ss off.
"Did he- *coughs*... Oh my god he did... HAH! BRO YOU SUCK AT- *laughing and coughing* YOU SUUUCK AT THIS!"
A low Owwwwww comes from his throat, and he slowly flops onto his side. His tail jabs into Laura and injects a Tranquilizer, and a minute later she's already yawning.
Coughing myself, I remain where I was, the pain finally immobilizing me. "When she *cough* *cough* finally passes out, can I get a *cough* hand?" I groan as the sternum snaps together, lessening the flow of blood out of the wound. "Ow....."
She yawned loudly, and her head dropped as he got up, dazed and picking both of them up on his shoulders, running into the wall and appearing again in the Cargo Bay, setting them both down.
In the light, it is obvious that his forehead is almost cracked open, and blood is pouring down from it as he bandages his head up and lays against a wall groaning.
I slide a syringe over, filled with my blood. "Found I *cough* heal faster than Laura. Not sure if it'll help, but it might help heal that head *cough* wound." I then simply sit, waiting for something. "Andy, *cough* will she *cough* *cough* be alright?"
I groan a bit, tilting my head back.
"You're... more human... I'd rather your blood didn't mix with mine... back things would happen. As for her... I honestly have no idea anymore..."
I curse under my breath, and use a bone hook to pull the syringe back to me, putting it in a pouch on my waist. "Andy, I...*cough* *cough* I don't know if I can handle her not being normal again *cough* *cough*. I already lost one person I cared about. I can't *cough* loose another. I won't be able to *cough* *cough* stay sane."
I look him in the eyes.
"I've only had one person I care about, and I'm not sure I can stand watching her turning into a puppet, then forced to be killed while nearly killing the man whom she has actually had feelings for."
I wasn't sure how to reply to that, but I knew I couldn't keep quiet. "I'm *cough* sorry, Andy. The Doctor got the opportunity to *cough**cough* mess with her head when she was helping me. It's *cough**cough* my fault."
I shake my head, taking deep breaths.
"Nevertheless, she sacrificed herself to save you. I know, I saw her memories... She saved all of you... She was always too selfless... too socially outgoing for being born a Changeling... I guess that's what happens when she's born a clone..."
"Knarled, how are you contacting Makenna? She has stripped down to only her clothes..."

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