Reaper (Episode 3, Part 2)

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I nod, slowly and painfully. "That makes sense *cough*. *Groan* Do wounds like this always hurt like a b!tch?"
"You think this will gain you your freedom? Listen, if we save the doctor you have a shot at freedom. If you let the doctor die, they kill us!" Peter reasoned, gesturing towards the base.
A door on the left opens and Discord walks out.

"Greetings Andy. Long time no see. Not to be blunt, but we have a problem. Until we figure out what is wrong with Laura, the Doctor needs to stay alive."

He walks over to the one time human ghost. "You look like you are in pain, so I will say this very slowly: Did. You. Say. The. Words. To. Laura?"
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"Knarled, how are you contacting Makenna? She has stripped down to only her clothes..."

All Reapers have a terminal implanted in their ear.

Also, keep in mind only Makenna heard that. Doc doesn't want to blow it with anyone strangely loyal to the Dominion.
I groaned a bit, taking a few deep breaths.
"Happy to see you too Discord... and yes Zack. Yes they do. More pain in exchange for less of a chance to die... fair trade off? I think so..."
"I'm inclined to agree with Andy. As one of the few organic immortals in this universe, survivability is paramount... you big baby."
I flip him off with a chuckle.
"I only put on an act such as that because appearing weak lets my prey think that I'm an easy target. Now..."
I unravel the bandages, my forehead red, but the skin healed over and the blood flow stopped.
"...What words?"
"I sang the Song of Discord to get her to leave the station... I didn't want her on-board when I blew the place up. I don't think this obstinate human has said the words that would stabilize her psyche."
{What you are doing is going beyond what mankind should be doing. You are granting immortality when there should be no thing for humans. I don't care if you can repair the damage done, and I don't care if you can remove the chemicals. Both of those things will help me survive.} I try to take out the terminal.
"What *cough* *cough* words? And I'm not just *cough* human anymore." I produce a bone blade momentarily before retracting it. "I'm just more *cough* *cough* human."
Discord sighs. "When I told you to say: 'Sing to the stars and they will not hear you. Sing to the people and they will listen.' to help her mental state? Ring any bells? The part where I told you how to FIX HER MIND!"

Discord makes a disgusted sound and stalks towards the door. He pauses. "The song may have weakened her mind enough for the Doctor to gain control... As such, I share a part of the blame for her current state. But I gave you the tool to fix it and you did nothing. Let that weigh on you conscience for the rest of the extended life that she gave you."
Ummmm....I don't remember him saying that....

IC: "I don't remember you saying that!" The wound was finally just about healed, the skin at least had sealed over it. "Hell, you didn't even tell me much of anything useful after that."
OOC: Inattention finally led to an interesting development instead of confusion... I like it

IC: "Right. I'm sure that Laura will be thrilled to know your memory is going already. And just so you know, I don't have to tell you a single bit of useful information. And given your habit of turning your comm off, you don't even know if I tried to give you useful information after that."
Can I at least get the quote? Please?

IC: "No, you don't, but how the hell is a simple phrase supposed to help fix her psyche when the Doctor had already rewired her?"
I will do one better than that.

The post itself. Untouched by war, famine, and the edit tool.
Crap....I knew you'd said it somewhere, but I couldn't remember where...
"I doubt it will do much now, the whole point was to fix her troubled mind. Saying them now could do nothing or it could clear her head enough to fight the Doctor. There is no way to know."
I have made a decision. I want to let someone RP Jim Raynor, as he may become somewhat important in this. Would anyone like the job?
I think I could do the character justice... Don't know about the speech though.
I doubt I could do either, so unless you give it to some other semi-qualified person... he's yours.

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