Reaper (Episode 3, Part 2)

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"Look, you have no reason to trust me or believe a single word that comes out of my mouth. But you must be warned if you would kill me right here without having a compromise.... My suit is rigged to explode if I die..."
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Duh, but he's also not afraid to shoot if he's going to die though. Think of it as a bluff.
Ra'luu bowed his head in front of the head researcher, Altramatrix.

"This is your work station and those standing there will assist you in your endeavor. Your work will start today. I trust there is no problem with the scheduling?" asked Altramatrix.


"Welcome aboard Ra'luu. I look forward to working with you in this project."

With that, Altramatrix left the room to Ra'luu.

When he was approached by the other scientists, Ra'luu didn't know what to think. The attack on the facility was still fresh on his mind and he was still too shaken from the incident. But with Altras' encouragement, he got over his anxiety and realized that now more than ever, his contributions would be important.

There was much to do but with the help of his colleagues, Ra'luu was positive it could be done...
I look at them both, confused. After a few seconds of thinking I scowl in Discord's general direction.
"I apologize for not understanding... but are you implying that you have left at least one subconscious trigger inside my Sister, and possibly even myself?"
I stand up, using the wall as support. Almost healed but not completely. "Look, whatever it is, if there's a chance we can save Laura, we should at least try."
The morning was met with a knock at the door.

Unperturbed, the Exemplar's thoughts projected itself to his guest.


The door opened and Altras came in.

Still in his meditative pose, the Exemplar still made no movement as Altras made her way behind him. "Executor Altras, to what I hold the pleasure of your visit?"

"Entaro Tassadar. I know you are a busy person so I will make this quick. I respectfully request to assist in your efforts."

"You wish to fight?"


"I will consider your request. You may go."

Altras bowed her head and the room. The Exemplar was especially quieter than usual. In the brief exchange she had with him, she fleetingly sensed a quiet tremor rippling through the calm waves of the Exemplar's mind. Everyone seemed to be on edge these days.

She walked past the labs and noticed Ra'luu already hard at work with his peers. He was always industrious. She moved past the labs. Assuming she had the Exemplar's approval, was it the right decision to fight the Reaper? Perhaps. Only time will tell and Altras hoped she made the right one. After all, vengeance is the best form of medicine.
I glare at Zack for a second.
"What I'm saying is that if he was able to install a trigger in her to make her mind weaker and more vulnerable to outside forces, then what else does he have her, and possibly myself, rigged up to do at any given time? I'd like my !@#$%^- sense of security back!"
I nod, making sure to activate the signal lock on my suit. Something had told me Discord wouldn't be able to enter without a signal when I'd been modifying the armor. "Can't blame you there. Still, right now, don't you want her back?"
Discord shrugged. "Well... yes. It was in the song. Though I give you my word there isn't another trigger implanted by the song besides the release. Under normal circumstances her mind should have thrown off the confusion in mere minutes, but she fell in love recently then sent part of her mind on a field trip... Hardly normal conditions."
I cross my arms, and look at her unmoving form next to Zack, unconsciously leaning on his legs, grumbling something.
"True... and to answer your question, I do... more than anything... but there's another part of me that wants her suffering to end... She's been through so much more than we know..."
I shake my head. "Andy, I understand that, though you better than me, but...wouldn't the Reaper just find a way to bring her back?"
I shake my head, sighing.
"The Reaper and the Void work in interesting ways... we will remain in the Void, our memories and souls intact... whenever we are brought back some piece of our soul is shattered... She's already been brought back three times now... her soul is beginning to fragment... her mind went first... She's introduced you to her alter egos already... Laura Wolfe as you know her is simply the thought processes and memories of a dead Ghost carried on by an already broken Changeling... She is real, her feelings are real... but no matter what, she is a tiring shadow of her former self... Every time I see her I see what she has lost from when she was first born... She has seen things in such a twisted light that she believes Xeranis to have been another physical person at one time... She was a persona taken from the genetic matter of almost every protoss I had encountered before her birth..."
I turn to Discord, and frown.
"Cazil and the Young one, to be specific... among others. She took their thought processes and created an oddball Dark Templar from them... Charismatic, curious, and more than intent on making social connections... She included Terran Properties into her as well... and beneath her shining, bright green eyes she is as bloodthirsty as any of my kind..."
I shake my head. "Regardless, she taught me how to be human again. I can't just give up on her."
I sighed, looking at her.
"I'm not saying give up... I'm saying to try and convince her to stay out of danger... take her somewhere and keep her safe... She won't listen to me... maybe she'll listen to you..."
"Where would that be? The war is everywhere."
What year are we on in this RP because it is relevant to my side plot. I need a frame of reference.

Accounting for Laura's bio, the canon timeline of the RP has to be at least "several years" after 2504 after the changeling assimilated the banshee pilot and trained under Zeratul.
Once again I shrug.
"That, I do not know... The world I resided on is a desolate place... a haven for tinkerers such as myself... Discord... if you would, after this is all over... to come back with me, even for a tiny amount of time... I have a breakthrough to introduce to you that you especially would enjoy thoroughly..."
I sigh and look at Laura. I had to think of something. "First, I need to get rid of the Doctor. She'll never be truly free with him alive. Can you keep her sedated?"
I nod, stumbling over next to her, and holding her to me, wrapping her up in her coat, sighing softly. "I know... you give that b-stard what's coming to him... Discord... continue your assault on this facility... Jynx..." I look over at the cockpit, and smile softly.
"You just stay here... from here on out things should go smoothly..."

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