Reaper (Episode 3, Part 2)

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I nod, the wound finally healed, and blink, vanishing in a small burst of flame and reappearing in the hallway I'd grabbed Laura in. "You sowed your destruction when you messed with Laura Doc, and I'm just the Reaper..." I cloak as I move down the hall, intending to end this thing for good.
I chuckle at the flame left in his wake, and begin to move my fingers at a blurring pace, watching a small purple and black flame dance in the palm of my hand.
"The Void is such a unique place... isn't it, Sis..?" She seemed to stir a little, her eyes fluttering open briefly before my tail jabbed into her neck, and her blood began to drip onto me, the tranquilizers back into her system.
"Um... Did you miss the part where we might need the doctor to reverse the damage?"

But he is gone.

"Perhaps I shall take you up on your offer at a later date Andy."
The final observer left on the facility dutifully stayed behind, recording everything since the incident. The observer received a Protoss signal to the west and dutifully headed towards it, encountering a Protoss fleet in orbit soon afterwards...
I chuckled, and looked at Discord.
"Fine, pass up artificial Psionics then..."
"So that's it then? We let the Doc die, the station explode, and get stranded in hell. That's your plan?" Peter challenged Makenna, still looking around for some sort of ship or any indications towards where they could find one.

OOC: Still need ya' KO.
The facility looks as rock hard and impenetrable as ever... minus some guards. NO ships are visible, though according to plan a dropship is supposed to rendevouz at the rear landing pad.

{Agent Zack is closing on my position. Activate the warping device on your suit!}
I grabbed Laura's mask, clearing my throat before speaking into it. My tone is dry and serious.
{Greetings, Doctor. I would like to inform you that even if you do survive this encounter, I will ensure that you do not survive for long. Your men are all too easily corruptible, their minds fragile... their bodies weak against the storm I propose... You have a cure for death... Doctor... but do you have a cure for Infestation..?} I sever the comms, leaning my head back and coughing a little. I look back at Jinx sadly.
"I don't want to do this... I really don't... but he has brought all of this upon himself... you can understand... can't you?"
I slam a Marine's head against the wall, destroying his helmet and visor, and crushing his head against the wall. "DOCTOR!" I was filled with rage, the Zerg and Protoss inside me enraged. The Zerg because it wanted to kill, the Protoss at what the Doctor was attempting to do. But the driving force behind this, was the human inside me. The rage of a Terran who you've crossed, especially a Ghost, was dangerous, and almost always lethal.
"What warping devise!?" Peter screamed, patting himself down. After a few seconds he remembered with wide eyes. He opened his arm-plate and pushed a button. Peter closed his eyes and only one thought crossed about how safe whatever was about to happen was.
Peter appears in the recall room. He is approximately 500 yards of corridors away from the bridge.

Zack is approximately 420 yards of corridors away from the bridge.

The Captain is 200 yards distant from Zack, between him and the bridge.
Peter tried to steady his breath, but to no avail. He looked around and assessed that he was in the recall room. Foggy memories of being told about this room crossed his mind as he shook his head in an attempt to clear it. A spike of fear shot through him as he realized that he could be facing a ghost who would no doubt know he was here. He had to act fast and without hesitation. Success meant reward and failure meant death. It was as if his whole life was leading up to this one moment that he knew would forever change him, one way or another.

Peter quickly began running down the corridor after pushing the button to open the door. No matter how fast he ran, he knew it wasn't fast enough. He leaned forward and activated his thrusters, propelling him through the air.
The Captain stood silent and still, awaiting the Ghost.

His weapons were loaded, and his Gauss Rifle in hand. He doubted he would use them, to any effect, for they would be useless against the Ghost.

The end was coming. THe Doctor would activate all the weapons at his disposal, and the Captain would end his service with death. FOr now, he awaited the Ghost.
OOC: So... Any plans for the coming battle/engagement? I'd prefer Peter not die, but will defer to KO if he wishes it. Any thoughts on if Peter should save the doctor, or fail in attempting to?
Peter will live or die based on his actions. Just be alert that an epic battle is about to commence, and those typically are short on survivors.
A small swarm of mutalisk flew towards the carrier and its escorts of phoenixes. Almost immediately, the mutalisks were torn to shreds by a horde of interceptors. The research facility below showed cleared signs of infestation but its spread appeared to be local, not planet wide.

"This was the site of the attack. Should I initiate the purification protocols Ship Master?" asked the aide.

"Not yet. Though the Zerg infestation is a problem, there our mission is to secure whatever vital data that is left in the facility below. Once we have picked up what we can, we will begin to purify this region of the planet. Prep all warriors for ground combat."

"I thought the scientist purged all relevant data and evacuated as much equipment as they could?" asked the aide.

The shipmaster of the carrier nodded. "That is true but what I am looking for in particular is the video crystals secured in the center of the facility. If we can get our hands on that, we can review what actually happened in addition to the survivor's accounts."

A small buzz emitted from the computer terminals.

"It's an observer ship master. It's still here since the incident, recording everything."

"Secure that observer. If we are lucky, that observer's video logs may tell us what happened in the preliminary stages of the attack."

EDIT: I sense the ending approaching?
Cool, sounds good. I'm okay with Peter dying as long as the RP ends shortly after. I've already missed out on most of this awesome RP and I don't want to miss any more :)

Edit: C'mon, Zarkun. I want to give you the next post.
A new signature...
A new mind...
...ripe for my plan to be launched.
Depending on the course of the next battle... My infestation would spread, or Zack would perish... both would lead to death... death I did not wish for... but death that would be needed.
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