Reaper (Episode 3, Part 2)

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In the course of over an hour, the strike teams sent down to the facility secured the video crystals safely and returned safely to the carrier. The facility below restarted the self-destruct sequence the blew up. Finally, there was one last job to do; purify the the vicinity of all Zerg.

"The Zerg brood on this planet is quite small by Zerg standards if you ask me," said the aide.

"It was sufficient enough to overwhelm a small outpost. Regardless, our primary objective here is done. We have the video logs from the observer and the facility. Begin the purification protocols."

The carrier flew out of orbit, followed by its escorts of phoenixes. It turned around and powered its purification cannon, aiming straight where the facility once stood.

"Purify everything within 1000 miles of the impact area," the shipmaster stated professionally.

"As you will," replied the aide.

In the blink of an eye, a tenth of the planet's surface was vaporized.

"No more Zerg signatures detected, I am plotting the coordinates for Shakuras."

The shipmaster nodded. "The Exemplar will no doubt be interested in watching the videos."
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In a way... quite the opposite.
"Fascinating! You have already discovered so many things in such a short time span!" exclaimed Ra'luu.

Altramatrix was pleased with Ra'luu's enthusiasm. "When something of that power is imprisoned and escapes, of course we would dedicate ourselves to learning the secrets of the Xel'naga's craft! In the years following the entity's escape, we have made great progress in understanding the inner workings of the Xel'naga. One discovery lead to another!

"What do you think about the chances of us reverse engineering the prison?" asked Ra'luu.

"It can be done and soon. The Exemplar is lucky that we began to study this artifact as soon as we could. Otherwise, it would have taken years to even understand how this thing works, let alone design one. Ah good! The parts I've requested have arrived! Ra'luu, how goes your work?"

"I've improved on the armor designs you have and they have demonstrated a 20% increase in efficiency. However, it is still in the prototype stages and the energy requirements is still quite high."

"We made progress and that's what matters. Continue with your work."
The Void Seeker set itself down upon the landing bay. A lone dark templar stepped out of the star relic. It was so long since he set foot upon Shakuras. How he missed it's tranquil seas and twilight skies! He looked at the superstucture that was the Hierarchy's base of operations and made his way there.
A hologram popped up from a small oval crystal. "Is anyone there? It is Fe'las, shipmaster of Infinity. Is the Exemplar there?"

The Exemplar appeared in front of the hologram. "I am here, I hope that everything went smoothly?"

"Of course! The Zerg were no match for our might! Our mission was a success. The video crystals are intact and ready for view. In addition, a lone observer was discovered in the area. I've briefly checked the dates of the videos and they date back to the time of the attack. I will send you the videos directly. They will be downloaded to your computer for view. Where do you want them to be placed?"

"Have them in the storage area, class 10. I want the originals intact as evidence. Ah, the videos are finished. Excellent work Fe'las. Thank you for this favor."

"Hah! This amounts to nothing in comparison to how much I owe you! Good luck old friend! Though I know nothing of the nature of your work, I wish your mission will be success!"

I too, hope it will succeed. The transmission ended and the Exemplar made his way to his computer. He opened the videos and began to watch from the date the facility was hit.'ll see what I can post in my sick state.

IC: A marine flies down the hall, hitting the wall behind him with such force that he dies on impact, his head splitting like a ripe melon. I come around the corner, wary for any other surprises. "Who's next?!" I bellowed. The rational part of me knew that every drop of blood spilled would help regain control.
OOC: KnarledOne! What I am writing sort of forces this to take place during the HoTS timeline. Is that ok with you?

Zeratul stepped inside the Hierarchy's chambers. Artanis and the others have already took their place in the board.

"Zeratul!" exclaimed Artanis, "Though I welcome you back, where were you during all these years in our greatest time of need?"

"Artanis, I have traveled the stars in search of answers for the coming tide. I stand here before all of you with my answer. I have chanced upon a prophecy and discovered its meaning. For us to stand against the darkness, Sarah Kerrigan must live..."
The Exemplar opened the door hastily.

"Councilors, we have a problem. Follow me to the Hierarchy. I will explain everything on the way."
(Interesting... Laura [Xeranis] actually trained under Zeratul for a number of years, so when they mention her, it should be very interesting... He sort of took her in like a daughter, and eventually she revealed what she was, he was obviously somewhat confused, and then she continued to live with him and train, which is where she learned to master her use of the Void, and such)
eventually she revealed what she was,

Everything? Because I chose to disregard this at ZvZ part 11

Zeratul uttered a mental sigh, Xeranis' iinquiries fading as he spoke to the onlooker.
You may witness the audible conversation, but mine, my pupil's, and her entourage's minds can not be recorded.

"So you see, High Prelate, that going close to planets that are not in Protoss Space are much more dangerous now, with the hand of fate working away."
He nods.
"Xeranis I have been aware of this, but, you told me that you had a message from the Void... please, relay it."

She perks up, and becomes sullen at the same time, as if she didn't want to, but was happy that she had the chance to speak of it.
"He wishes to explain that in the coming years he will allow you to become closer than his power than most of us thought possible."
Zeratul blinked, shocked.
"Even... closer to the Void?"
She nods, oddly happy about the whole ordeal.

Makes for more epic "OH MY VOID!" moment unless Xeranis told Zeratul on part 10 or something (please link it if you did, it's crucial to how I flesh out Zeratul).
Well, I suppose that she would visit him every now and then, and from there, she would just eventually tell him everything. If this is HOTS timeline, then she has been going about her thing for a while.
Seems out of character for Zeratul to accept a three way hybrid thingamajig given his previous experiences with hybrids and Kerrigan.

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she would just eventually tell him everything.

If it's ok with you, can we retcon it so that she never told Zeratul her actual self?
Sure. He would know the Dark Templar version of her then, if it'll calm your Lore Nerd self. XD
OOC: So I think it would make for better storytelling if Zack got there before Peter. What do you guys think? Should I come in now or wait for Zark?
Up to you, but Zack isn't that easy to kill, for a few reasons, but mainly his armor plating.
I would like a little more detail on the Raynor situation... I know he has someone at gunpoint, but not what lead up to that.
CR had Kerrigan at gunpoint because the Doctor said he wanted her dead. Now CR is letting her go, but Raynor has him at gun point before he could leave.
Lol, yeah, I don't think Peter is going to do any ghost-killing. And if he does it's going to be a helluva fight.
Hehehehehehehehehehe. The funny thing is, you're all assuming he's still human.
Raynor put on a half smile and pulled the hammer of his revolver back with his thumb.
"Frankly, I think your bluffin'. All the same, you are going to leave this room right now and take that armor with you. I see you again after that, and I'll pump you full of lead. Do we have our selves an understanding?"
I smile, yet know one could see such an emotion. That mask obscured all that could've been seen. "I believe we can do that," I say, "but you know that there are more of us... I could divert their attention telling them that our mission is a failure. That the target moved out at the last second."
My voice had been calm and collected. "Telling them that unless they want to kill themselves... That they should just pull out and go home. But let me tell you this... With every fact or lie, there is a lie in every fact, and a fact in every lie... Even if it's only a kernel of it. I'll take my leave now." To show Raynor's trust, I pick up my pistol and hand it to him. "Just to show you that I can't do anything," I say as I walk out of the abyss that was soon to be death... For if we failed, who will they send to finish the job? I didn't want to know.
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I pick up my pistol and hand it to him.

02/15/2013 08:27 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
I pick up my pistol

You get shot in the head.

Please try again :)


IC: Raynor watches the reaper leave.
"Worse riddles than Zeratul spouts." He mutters to himself as he activates the comm.
"Swan. Get me a Thor down here. Our uninvited guests are leaving, and I want to be sure they stay gone."

Swan's slightly wry response comes back over the comm. "Sure cowboy. You want a salad with that?"

Raynor fought back a grin. "Just the Thor."
You get shot in the head.

Please try again :)
*I point a light finger at him*

Oh you funny you! :D

IC: I decided to walk casually, I had to call it off even if they wouldn't listen... Their funeral. It was almost as if they said was true, "We die young it seems... Stupid they all are, maybe they'll be smart enough and pull out."
{I'm sorry to announce this... But we are pulling out, no buts. If any of us try to break in we'll all die. But there's good news, I manage to assassinate the target.}

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