This is not Reaper (Episode 4)

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The saga of the reapers continues. NOT!

02/10/2013 01:28 PMPosted by Mockingjay
SOMEONE MAKE A NEW THREAD OR SUMETHING SOON PLZ-Just a heads up! I don't want Reaper to accidently die out just because people forgot about it!

Seven and a half hours later, your wish is granted.
{Sounds like a bit of fun. Designate target.}

I shift my from from the marine I had acquired earlier to that of a ghost, now dead. A friend of a friend as it happened, so she might have mixed feelings about the whole thing... but I had liked the form, and using it honored his memory as far as I was concerned.

Thirty more minutes before I can blow up the facility... Time to hunt.
My bone blade protruded from the chest of another Marine, quickly vanishing as I leaped up and over him, spinning and throwing several small psi knifes into the other three, killing two with fatal hits and missing the other as he'd dove into cover. Landing, I spin around and fire my C30B into his position, the armor piercing rounds going through the metal wall and killing him. "Where are you hiding Doc?" I move on. My cloak was pointless as I realized that I was sitting in the midst of a science vessel.
Wish granted. The new OFFICIAL thread is up. Sorry, but my internet was down. Terrible luck, bad timing, all that.
"Knarled. The new thread is un-accessible."
It keeps throwing up the "I swallowed a bug" screen. Kinda pissing me off...
02/11/2013 06:52 AMPosted by ShadowFury
"Knarled. The new thread is un-accessible."

02/11/2013 07:05 AMPosted by Zarkun
It keeps throwing up the "I swallowed a bug" screen. Kinda pissing me off...

Until then....

IC: I was moving towards my target... Finally. The vent shaft was accessible in this location. Now time to give them a surprise.
For cryink out freakink loud.

You speak truth!

Great... I really don't feel like typing that summary up again...
Do you want me to change the title of this thing so the tread you made gets the traffic?
That would be excellent, please do so.

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