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Project THANATOS Data Management.

Char name - "Ripper" (Real name Kain)
Killed by Zerg. Unable to retrieve body.

Name: Makenna Tora
Notables: Has exceptional regenerative abilities due to |||CENSORED||| ensure she does not recognize ||||CENSORED||| from |||CENSORED|||
|||CENSORED|||: Yet to be determined.
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 0

Name: Terrance Sornis
Notables: None so far. Possible control subject.
|||CENSORED|||: Yet to determined.
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 5

Name: Walter Blackstone Denton
Age: 26
Killed by Zerg. Unable to retrieve body.

Notables: May be particularly dangerous if pattern of behavioral effects resulting |||CENSORED||| ensure that potential stims dependency does not interfere with |||CENSORED|||
|||CENSORED: Yet to be determined.
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 5

Name: Alexander
Notables: Extensive damage from prior injuries may interfere with |||CENSORED||| be sure to test possible uses |||CENSORED||| from |||CENSORED|||
|||CENSORED: Yet to be determined.
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 5

Name: Jennifer Carzos
Notables: Massive stims addiction. Possible leverage? Ensure that |||CENSORED||| is not aggravated by |||CENSORED||| as in |||CENSORED||| case.
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 5

Name: Ben Quill.
Notables: A genuine psychopath. Was part of ||||||CENSORED|||||| not to allow |||CENSORED|||
|||CENSORED: ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Current deployment: None.

|||CENSORED|||: 0
Top Secret Files.

Provided by the Brotherhood.

Note - this is incomplete.

The Reaper.

A mysterious being that resides within the Void. It has power over life and death, and has been indirectly responsible for the destruction of the Overmind and Cerebrates. It sends assassins to destroy persons it believes are dangerous to the plot of the universe.

Abilities: Control over death itself.

Notes: This entity is essentially the Grim Reaper of its reality. Ensure it does not perform a Gyreman Breach.

Laura/Xeranis/The Clone.

The original specimen from |||CENSORED||| |||CENSORED||| |||CENSORED||| through his excellent cloning facilities produced a replica for further study. This was interupted by |||CENSORED||| |||CENSORED||| manged to escape. During its travels, it encountered Laura Wolfe, an injured Banshee pilot, and |||CENSORED||| gaining some Terran properties and personality traits. While disguised, trained for several years under |||CENSORED||| |||CENSORED||| |||CENSORED||| |||CENSORED||| last known. Very dangerous. Was being watched by |||CENSORED||| but he was ordered to switch targets and we lost track of this unique specimen.

Abilities: Full extent unknown. Shapeshifting and numerous psionic feats have been observed. An excellent pilot as well.

Notes: A vivid personality. A potential to form working relationships strengthened by a desire to test this potential.


This Ghost was a part of |||CENSORED||| during |||CENSORED||||||CENSORED|||, enhancing pyrokinetic abilties through |||CENSORED||| Escaped after |||CENSORED|||

Abilities: Psionics, with a tendency towards fire. Currently the best living Ghost at pyrokinetics.

Notes: Grouchy. Has befriended nobody since the loss of |||CENSORED||| during |||CENSORED|||
Discord please don't kill me, Captain hunt down Zack, Laura ordered to destroy Discord, blah blah blah.

Bad mood, don't feel like retyping.
02/11/2013 01:12 PMPosted by KnarledOne
Laura ordered to destroy Discord

By whom?
The Doctor.

Ugh, I hate having a secretive storyline. It's so hard to guide the plot without releasing spoilers constantly. But rest assured the Doctor's modifications have not been reversed by Zack' efforts.
They were by Andy's.
I'm afraid that is not true either.

Like I said, I'm trying to reveal as few spoilers as possible. Everything will make sense soon enough. does this one work, but not the other? Ah to hell with it. Freaking Blizzard.

IC: My bone blade protruded from the chest of another Marine, quickly vanishing as I leaped up and over him, spinning and throwing several small psi knifes into the other three, killing two with fatal hits and missing the other as he'd dove into cover. Landing, I spin around and fire my C30B into his position, the armor piercing rounds going through the metal wall and killing him. "Where are you hiding Doc?" I move on. My cloak was pointless as I realized the marines were carrying infrared screens in their visors. So, I decided to mess with them and strike with the Shadows.

OOC: Ok, it's going to bug the hell out of me now...
IC: I was moving towards my target... Finally. The vent shaft was accessible in this location. Now time to give them a surprise.
I dropped the rigged jetpack down below and as it exploded there was screaming, blood and guts splattering against the walls. I jumped down and my pistol was aimed at the target.... I squeezed the trigger.
Dameet KO!!! Wherefore art thou?!
I quickly fire at the grenade as it flies through the air, exploding several feet above me. "Now that that's over, what are we doing now?"

"Knarled, I was wondering, could I drop Zaros in. He wouldn't really interfere. I would just like him and Andy to meet each other again, just some friendly bloodshed between old enemies."

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