Heart of the Swarm Beta Invalid Login?

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Since I couldn't make a new thread in the beta forums of HoTs I am posting it here. I entered a contest today and won a beta key for HoTs. I entered the key in my battle.net account and it regeistered. I then downloaded the client and upon trying to log in, I get a pop up stating, "Invalid Login. Your account has no game accounts that can be used in this region. Are you using the correct client?"

I found a thread in the HoTs beta forums of a dev listing steps of what to do, like things to delete and reseting my router as well as restarting my computer. But same problem. Are they going to fix this soon? I am getting HoTs anyway (have it preordered), but wanted to try it out since I won a key.

Thanks for the report. This is something we're actively looking into. A few of your fellow players are already discussing this issue in this thread. I encourage you to keep an eye on that thread for the latest updates.

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