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Hey there.
I´m StarTale from germany currently playing on na server.
I switched over because eu was lame and i heared that na is more fun.
Now i´m playing here.

About me
16 years
from germany
I can understand english and also speak it well( I guess :P)
Rank 1 master
stast : 80 wins 32 loses
Already won vs Grandmaster

I´m searching a really good clan with members who are better than me, so i can learn and improve. Also i want to improve my english :)

If you are interested just contact me ingame :)


I am a member of the Imperium Gaming Empire [iGE] that has a full spectrum of players from Grand Masters to bronze. We are always looking for more active players with a goal to help each other get better at playing the game. We have occasional Clan Wars that we are trying to promote to hold more often. If you are further interested, please take a look over at my Starcraft2 Division Commander's Post.


If you have questions you can contact me in-game. Darkone.465

Look forward to talking with you further!

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