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Sorry I didn't get my app done, I was preoccupied today. But I shall turn it in tomorrow!
02/14/2013 05:12 PMPosted by Zarkun
Why am I always ignored....

It's that contagious thing that NickDaMan had.

We should give it a name.
BCInfinity and NickDaMan both had the invisible syndrome. But naming it after NickDaMan is a pain. It shall be called Infini-itis! All in favor? Good! Infini-itis it is!

And still when he is gone, NickDaMan gets no recognition.
It's that contagious thing that NickDaMan had.

We should give it a name.
Nah our Glorious Dictator. It was clearly Infinity that was being ignored all of the time. They just shared the same portrait. And I obtained it before Zarkun, so it's curable.
@Zanon Accepted.
Name: Nemian Kreatur (Some people just call him Nem)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Occupation: Scientist and Researcher
Description: Hazel eyes, glasses, almost like a thin build, but more close to an average. Has a height of 5' 6". Short for his gender/sex. Is a Caucasian in appearance and displays a unique side of him. Wearing a blackened lab coat that was once white, you wonder what those stains were from? Usually he rolls up the sleeves as it is a habit. Having ink on both of his arms, having them done to his arms when he was a teen. And don't let Nem fool you, he has an adventurous side.
Research/Project: Researching possible uses from the cells and tissues of Zerg Fauna and splicing it with plant life. Possible energy possibilities or organic mesh for armor or surgeries. And he is also working on a simple simulation system to measure a persons brain that evaluate a persons potential in various fields. Matching which person is best for each job. And a few secret off the record experiments in creating a unified community split into a few different sections. Each responsible for a specific area.... And it's their choice.
Extra: Sometimes being reckless is the best moment for scientific possibilities, while exploring how much the human body can go through before it exhausts their mind and body.

OOC: Changed his name a little and age.
Hey, Ms. Jay, want to point something out.

For Subject #1353634, she gets to where she will kill anything nearby if she hits a point of frustration and anger (Mostly from being locked up), so somethings to look out for so you can set her in Lockdown before she kills subjects:

1. Pacing around
2. Attempt/Digging up the ground
3. Attacking the glass
4. Hissing/growling at self/others.
Name: Destron
Age: 2
Gender: Male
Race: Zerg
Description: A large Hydralisk with a rather thick torso and a large split that can open through it (you'll find out what its for in the RP and NO its not SUPA OP). His head/hood thing has blue straks running down it.
Personality: Focused on self preservation though he does wilingly serve the Hive. More will be devveloped in the RP
History: A normal hydralisk on Char until the Invasion of Char in which the Queen he served identified him as a prime subject for "experimentation" and she messed with the Genes of the unknowing Destron and he soon entered into a cocoon. However before he was finished morphing a particularly large air strike and subsequent dropping of a large Terran squad soon turned his hive cluster into goo.However the thick cocoon protected him from the air strikeand he was saved by a rather greedy Dominion Squad leader he knew he would get a rather nice reward for taking it back to the scientists at base. The cocoon was soon placed in cryo and shipped to the science facility where it was decided to let him hatch in central habitation so they could see what exacty he was morphing into.
Breed: Altered Hydralisk (he's on par with a Hunter Killer in stenghth though his chest area is his weakness though it has extra armor)

If he isn't acceptable tell me things I could alter to make him acceptable
*puts on kitten eyes* Jay will u PWEASE let me in. I only in one RP thats been struck the deathblow thanks to yours. All the other RPs are to far in for me to comfortabley join in and they not my test so PWEEEEASE.
I pull out a baseball bat and start beating Mecha. "Bad bad bad no double posting."
..................... you will be the first for me to test my new kitten weaponry. Meet in the bar as i don't want to litter mocking's thread with your bodyparts and kittens.
I spartan kick Mecha into my XB-540 and hit the fire button sending him into deep space as a stream of sub-atomic particles.
Alrightly. It looks like i am going to be heading over to my dad's house. This means i can play starcraft today, :D

Who would be interested in cortex roleplaying later with the general Hell's Gate stuff? :D
Alrightly. It looks like i am going to be heading over to my dad's house. This means i can play starcraft today, :D

Who would be interested in cortex roleplaying later with the general Hell's Gate stuff? :D
Sounds interesting. Tell us when and I might be able to. (If I can remember all of the blasted commands and learn how to use them.)
I'd have to reinstall the game. I uninstalled it in an effort to speed up my comp. Sort of failed.
There's a cortex RP wiki CR.
Didn't know that, I'll go check it out.
Would love to jay but I work in about 2hours after this post and also I reworked my terran char and did a specimen need your OK/re-OK (Apps are on page 8 post 147). if we do the cortex later at night I can join would have to be about 7:30-8pm US Eastern time. Also when I'm online you can find me in the chat channel The Lost Ones along with a couple of my IG friends.
@LostMorph-I may not be here so late..although, there will be other days we can all cortex together, :)

-Btw, your new characters are accepted. I'll add them/edit them to the characters list a bit later.

@Everyone Else plus Morph

I'll be hanging on Starcraft from like, 4:00-8:00p.m. Central Time; so if we can catch enough people to do the rp, that would be pretty cool. Otherwise, I can always plan for next weekend, as I have another 3 day weekend coming up, :3

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