The Gates of Hell (Planning&PRP)

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Three more shots ring out, knocking Nuke out of his chair as I walk in the door again. "You seem to forget I know what I said. Twisting words," Another shot bowls Nuke over, "only earns you pain."
You guys lost me... ive also been reading up on the rp
Well, you'll want to find a different RP to join XD Jay is...indisposed and she's the DM.
"Zarkun is correct. The DM is currently away because she has a life, unlike a few of us here, primarily me. There is one very active RP, however it may be moving too fast. You might prefer something like NtS(Need to Survive) or TTS(This is Their Story) at the moment."
Sure nuke... ill take a look. and ive seen this rp before but was having internet probs... i dont think it would hurt to try and get in.
03/02/2013 07:36 PMPosted by Nukester
AH! MY LACKEY! ... I mean, my padawan.

More bullets collide with Nuke, sending him through a wall. "Knock that off."

Edit-We're not saying not to try and get in, we're saying that this one is officially-unofficially dead.
I suposed i could look at them.
"Simple. I'm borderline overextended. I don't just RP here in the forums you know."
This still open for joining?
No, it's not. Sorry. Not being mean, Jay herself closed it to applications.
Dang it. This was gonna be really cool.... I needed to get my Neurotoxins up to date...
You can probably still ask, I don't know. She might still let you in if she likes your app. Maybe.

Since Jay isn't even seeming to be around right now though, I'd hold off on applying at least until she gets back.
Alright, If Jay somehow resurrects from the dead while I'm still available on my two week hiatus from anything work-related, tell her I want to apply.
I'll note her on Deviant Art, see if she replies.

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