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I am tired and must work on my homework...I'll continue with the accepting/denying tomorrow when I get home from school/while I am at school with free time.

Well...maybe I'll sneak on again later..idk...but I MUST do my homework.
I will allow any form of HYBRID in my ROLEPLAY. If I even see an application with any mention of HYBRIDS or MUTATIONS(Unless a specimen), I will not punt the user who created the application OUT OF THE THREAD/disapprove them and ask them to change things in their application.

Unit: Desecrator
Lore: The hybrids are powerful beings that crackle with immense energy but these monstrosities are on a whole different level. From the various reports, they bend the space time fabric around them with their mere presence, twisting and distorting reality at its whim. Unconfirmed reports states that it can phase itself, as conventional weapons completely does nothing to it. The only way to damage and kill such creatures so far is through psionic energy. Only the most powerful psionics can hope to damage a Desecrator and it takes a well coordinated group to kill one with heavy losses.
1600 Shields 200 Health 600 Energy
2.95 Movespeed, 4 shields 1 Armor
Attack: Phase Orb (Ground and Air): Range 7 50x2 1.2 attack speed
Phase (Passive): Completely immune to all attacks. Only psionic based attacks can harm the Desecrator.
Singularity (Passive): Any attempt to feedback the creature will backfire on the caster.
Distortion (Passive): All attacks ranged or melee has its speed reduced by 65% in a 10 yard range when it enters the distortion field around the Desecrator and they have a 35% chance to miss. In addition, enemy movement speed is slowed down by 25%.
Graviton Bomb: Telepathically crushes any targets with gravity in a 3 radius circle.
Void Spheres: 7 spheres seek a target and detonate for 50 damage each.
Enthrall: Controls a unit. The unit is gifted with the hybrid's essence until it is killed or consumed.
umm ... smylez I'm pretty sure the answer to that char is going to be 'No absolutely NO!!!!!' but that is my interpretation of what Jay has previously stated.
You were very close Morph.

More like, "!@#$ NO." *presses the eject button, sending smylez miles and miles away from Joey Ray's.*



Not really...but Meh.

I do hope you are trolling. xD
Name: ~nameless~, specimen 32.
Age: undetermined... likely less than four years.
Gender: Inapplicable.
Race: Zerg...?
Occupation: Uh... scary monster?
Description: A cross between a snake and a centipede, in the usual Zerg colors. Not particularly pretty except for its opal-like eyes.
Personality: Calm. Willing to wait for what it wants.

History: A Brood Mother's experiment? A (extra) mutated Zerg? Something else? It was in a defeated Zerg hive when caught, but the Zerg didn't seem aware of its presence. It may have simply been ignored as too failed to be important, but not failed enough to be destroyed.

EXTRAS: It seems to be strangely charismatic... scientists exposed to it can't help but form an attachment to it despite its zergliness.

Breed: Asmodeak

Description of breed: It's strangely charismatic...

Name: Martin Tchaikovsky.
Age: 32.
Gender: Male.
Race: Terran.
Occupation: Scientist.
Description: Bland. You wouldn't remember him if you met him in the street. If you met him in his lab, however, you would remember him. There, he gains an excitement and confidence that makes him practically glow from his feet to his wispy brown hair, and his entire five feet and nine inches seem to quiver with energy. Lately, though, he seems sort of distant, he always seems to be thinking of something in particular... he seems obsessed, but who knows by what.
Personality: Er... I sort of accidentally did this part under Description.

EXTRAS: He sure does seem almost too absorbed in his work...

Project: Studying the so called 'Asmodeak.' He is trying to discover what purpose it serves for the Swarm, but has also put forth the theory that it is a Zerg symbiote or parasite that has not been assimilated, a fascinating concept, considering the seeming Zerg immunity to... ah, but now I'm sounding like him, talking your ear off.

Name: Rebecca Tchaikovsky.
Age: 25.
Gender: Female.
Race: Terran.
Occupation: Scientist.
Description: Despite the name, she is Asian in appearance. She is respected xenobiologist Martin Tchaikovsky's foster sister. Very attractive. Slender and athletic.
Personality: Very bright, very eager, always willing to lend a hand. Playful. She loves her work, but always has time to 'play.'

EXTRAS: A bit worried about her brother's strange moods.

It is rumored that she may have faint psionic capabilities.

Project: Sometimes assists her brother. Mainly, she coordinates the lab's defenses with the lab's contents, helping keep security informed of the capabilities of the creatures in it, in case of a breakout. As a result, she works with Militants a lot.
OH... re-read his quote f what you said, Jay.
I am hurt deeply by what you consider as trolling! Such words sting my core! Ohohohohoho!
smylez stop being a dumbass it ain't funny anymore. You're becoming no better then that heratic guy
02/12/2013 07:28 PMPosted by darkra
smylez stop being a dumbass it ain't funny anymore. You're becoming no better then that heratic guy

It's HeReTiC by the way. Get it right kiddo.
it is funny anymore


(He is part of the Kool Kerrigan Klub {K K K}, as is HeReTiC.)
"Darka, you do understand you are talking about smylez. The person who is 1/3 us, 1/3 troll, and 1/3 lawyer/doctor?"
Name: Zelia
Age: Roughly 10 years old
Gender: Female
Race: Zerg
Occupation: Distant Queen of the Central Habitation Hive Cluster
Description: Zelia's spots and eyes glow a teal color, and the tendrils on the back of her head have been severed. Besides this she is a normal Queen.
Personality: Zelia is very curious and observing, very willing to learn and incredibly eager to explore the area around her. Not a very big risk taker, Zelia tries to gather information from others to ensure her safety before trying to go anywhere.
History: As a youngling Zelia was raised with care by the Scientists in Hell's Gate, as an experiment to see if Zerg could be domesticated in any sense. The experiment failed in the form that she was not as loyal as the scientists hypothesized, but she was significantly less hostile towards Terrans and reacted with tranquility when she was tested and experimented on. Eventually, she became the Queen of the Hive Cluster, though not taking the traditional role of the queen. Early on in her life, she had her psionic abilities disrupted via implants given to her by the scientists, as a safety precaution to ensure that a unified Hive was unable to rebel against the facility. As of such, Zelia can only communicate telepathically at very short distances (maximum 25 feet away), and only vaguely sense the general surroundings of the Zerg under her 'control', even though she has no actual direct control over them. (Other Zergs, this is your reason for sentience!)
Breed: Zerg Queen
"No. Savage's reason for sentience is because he was artificially created and has strong willpower. As well as his lack of connection to the swarm."
Sixel (miss me? >:D)
Name: Donnie Zogson
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Terran/ Mixed (Asian/Caucasian)
Occupation: A Reaper of the Dominion, sent to gaurd the Hell's Gate's Research Facility.
Description: 5'8", 163 lbs, black hair but in a buzz cut (Don't want it stuck in the jetpacks now do we?) Brown eyes, and missing his left pointer finger in an unfortunate accident with his jetpack when he was a new recruit.
Personality: A bit of a wiseguy known to crack bad jokes, the fuel exhaust must be geting to his head. He enjoys other's company and doesn't like extended periods of time alone. He is a bit of a risk taker.
History: Donnie joined the Dominion military at the age of 18 dispite his family's wishes. He had extensive traning to be a reaper for two years and has been on active duty since. About 3 months ago he was transfered to the Hell's Gate Reasearch Facility and has been there ever since.
Gear: Standard P-45 gauss pistols (twin) carries 10 clips each with 20 rounds, D-8 charge (30)recives more when an amo refillform is completed both weapons. Standard reaper armor with jet packs.

Is this good Mockingjay?
You has a fancy portrait Sixel? No more lolmortals?

lolmortals indeed. Immortals are cool!
02/12/2013 07:53 PMPosted by SlnderBurito
even though she has no actual direct control over them.

02/12/2013 09:01 PMPosted by ShadowFury
his lack of connection to the swarm.


By the way...
it's been a long time since I've seen Six- Oh my god you don't know anything about me being hacked do you!? D:
I would like to volunteer for head of the facility if no one else has taken the position.
That would be interesting...
Zanon, You as the head of the Terran faction, and me as the somewhat head of the Zerg faction... this will be very interesting~

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