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I don't want to be anyone's partner and I don't want to do something that is almost exactly what someone else is doing.
02/13/2013 02:23 PMPosted by Nukester
There's plenty of genetic material to go around boys.
Nuh-uh, my person ain't going to play nice.
I already told her that I wont be able to join in the opener at all until I can figure out a project....
I'm aiming at it from a nanite-based perspective. You could potentially be doing it from a genetic one, or by artificial grafting. Plenty of mad science to be had from there. And nanite-based regeneration isn't the only project I had in mind...
But you're still doing something with Zerg Regenerative Tissue.... Call it a stubborn thing and I don't like to do things that people have already done....
I want this to start so bad. :O

Also, I have the best idea for a super-WMD ever. It's so damn good it would actually work in real life!
Name: Urkunde Kreatur
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Occupation: Scientist and Researcher
Description: Hazel eyes, glasses...... I guess that's it. Nothing to grand I guess. Not really anything I can think of at this time.
Personality: Seems annoyed when confronted by stupid people, not very angry at times, calm.
History: Is a scientist, what else is there to know?
EXTRAS: Bluh bluh, who cares?
Project/Description of Project: None until the end of humanity where everyone is dead.... Which means he can't come up with one and he's not working with anyone. So he's the lone scientist that shall be sitting at a table, drinking some coffee, while reading the Sunday paper.

Name: Prof. Christopher Williams
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Occupation (If any): Head of Hell’s Gates Research Facility
Description: Tall, standing at 6’3”. Seems fairly fit. Has short brown hair, and wears thick-lensed glasses. You just about always find him running around in a lab coat with a long-sleeved black shirt under it, plus white pants. His pockets seem bottomless, as he has so much stuff crammed into normally.

Personality: (I’m to develop his along in roleplay. I’ve never rped a male before…O_O) Somewhat secretive when it comes to his project. He otherwise seems live a very approachable person, except when he gets angry. He is very patient, but sometimes his temper gets the better of him.

History: Has lived in the Facility since his daughter was five. His wife died in an unfortunate accident that is never really mentioned or talked about. Currently acts as the head coordinator of the Research Facility. This is due to an ‘agreement’ made between him and the Dominion. He has been working on the Genesis Project in some form or way since he became a Researcher/Scientist after he graduated from South-Water University of Solaris.

Both he and his daughter originate from the planet Solaris.

EXTRAS: Do NOT bother him until he’s had his morning coffee.

Project/Description of Project (If Scientist): Project Genesis. ||CLASSIFIED||

Name: Astrid Eve Williams

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Terran
Description: 5’8”, so tall, and very skinny. Weights something like 120ish lbs. Has short, curly blonde hair, and vivid green eyes. Often has a hint of a smile on her face. Wears plainclothes, and a necklace with what looks like a green-tinted crystal hanging off it.

Personality: Very bubbly, and friendly too. Particularly open-minded, has a tendency to get into mischief.

History: Has lived in the Research Facility since the age of five (This makes the Facility 13 years old.) Her mother died due to an incident she can’t remember because she was very little when it happened. She lives with her father in a larger section in the area designated as the Living Quarters. Astrid has had quite the history of getting into trouble-and her father only knows the half of it.

She is well acquainted with the private AI/security system KIRU, and also knows to a pretty good extent how the central AI/Security system QWERTY works; as her father has taught her much about the Facility and everything in it since a young age. She often hacks into both on a regular basis to get away with the said mischief.

EXTRAS: Reads books like they’re candy, visits the Central Habitation secretly, sometimes wanders outside of the Perimeter, and causes other sorts of trouble. Has a tendency to steal larvae from the Central Habitation with PSC’s (Portable Stasis Chambers). Has names for EVERY specimen in the Central Habitation, except for the ones she doesn’t know about.

Has a PI of six or seven-doesn’t seem to have much for abilities.(She can sense how people are feeling, and like other Ghosts, can pick up thoughts from others on accident on occasion. Any other abilites she posseses aren't seen by anyone but her father plus other people she knows and trusts.) Not many know that she is psionic.
Nothing on my app?
02/13/2013 03:18 PMPosted by Mockingjay
EXTRAS: Do NOT bother him until he’s had his morning coffee.
Then you can help my person with his project, drinking coffee with him all day.... And reading the Sunday Paper.
@smylez-Declined. Use the proper format.
-It sounds like a character that could become easily OP in roleplay.
-Pyrokinetics is overused...and I don't like how they are applied in this character.
-The Specimen would have been killed; having been a Spectre
-Had they kept it, it would have been kept in permanet stasis-not a good char to rp.
Age: Amber Kingston
Gender: Female
Race: 29
Occupation (If any): Bartender
Description: Tan skinned, short hair black hair, 5'8", black eyes
Personality: A gregarious and strong spirited girl with an independent streak, Amber Kingston always has a smile in her face to welcome the tired and brave soldiers looking for a drink in the bar.
History: She is acquainted with everyone in the bar and she is amiable to everyone she meets. Though tolerant of the ruckus that frequents the bar, she is not afraid of booting out those who cross the line. She always carries a magnum under the counter and worked as a gun instructor prior to taking the job as bartender a few years back.
Name: Real Name: Jenna. Specimen name: Specimen 624
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Race: Zerg
Occupation: Former Dominion Medic.
Description: A hydralisk with blue stipes of color running up her head frill thing
Personality: She is pretty kind but a little shy, likes making people happy.
History: Jenna was a Dominion Medic during the Invasion in Char. Her squad was ambushed soon after landing in drop pods and as a Hydralisk was about to kill her a raider Spectre used his Mind Blast which somehow transfered her concious nous to the Hydralisk"s body (who was just starting to bite her face off). She then remained were she lay until a Dominion recovery squad found her and took her to be studied (you don't find live Hydralisks laying around not turning you into a pin cushion around often do you). So far she is still in a coma and so far the scientists have not figured out her predicament, yet....
Breed: Hydralisk
02/13/2013 04:02 PMPosted by MechaGhidrah

You're really begging for an @ss whooping with that one.
I I will accept regular infested; but not this...

I wanted to do something different rather than normal zerg killin machine
I am going to consider opening roleplay soon. Prepare! :)

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