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Looks interesting Jay. I plan on posting a character sheet in time.
Was planing on it Nuke. I have never RPed zerg and don't think I'd do any good at it. Hive mind mentally of destroy destroy destroy doesn't fit me.
I just wish there were more, humans.

*Slams hammer*
Motion Carries.

If I actually read all the sheets I Would have made a human.
Do you know, how much time, and effort, I put into making a completely original Zerg character? Quite a bit. Also I may or may not come in later if I'm allowed to with a 2nd char.
I'm still finishing up my scientist ... hope to finish him sometime tonight before I go to sleep ...
EDIT: done posting below. may work on fleshing him out some more tomorrow ... hopefully before the RP starts ...

Name: Rallen Aspiritas
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Occupation (If any): Superior
Description: Shaggy brown hair, 5'11", Light build,
Personality: Enjoys his work and especially enjoys explaining it to those who don't understand science talk. (I shall add more to his personality as the RP goes on)
History: Graduated top of his class from a prestigious high school at 16 and got his masters degree in Bio-engineering from the University of Korhal at 20.
Project/Description of Project (If Scientist): Assists Edmund Alson with his project as his Primary Lab Assistant.

Name: Specimen 5221, sometimes referred to as 'Maullen'
Age: unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Zerg
Occupation (If any): Specimen
Description: Gold color markings, Normally looks like an oversized zergling, Deep and intelligent gold eyes,
Personality: (Will decide as I RP)
History: Captured by a team sent to capture zerg specimens from a medium hive and then taken to the Hell's Gates Research Facility. Has resided there since and on occasion attempted to escape usually getting away from the facility for a very short time before being recaptured.
Breed: Aspiritaling (may receive renaming)
Description of Breed: About twice as large as a zergling with wings, similar to those of a Viper, that fold up to look like an enlarged version of a zergling with metabolic boost. Has the ability to control the pigments in its carapace similar to a chameleon and to leap a good distance like a Hunterling. Capable of flight, similar to that of a Viper, and shooting spikes similar to hydralisks but usually found on the ground mixed into groups of zerglings or as ambushing guardians of hives. Often capable of minor telekinesis at a maximum range of about 20 meters and Terran speech.
Name: Greggor Ordin.
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Occupation: Militant [Marauder]
Description: Standard looking Marauder suit with marking all over to customize it, namely various chemical equations that are substances either explosive or corroding with one that is truly odd which happens to be the molecular formula for caffeine. Stands 7'5" in armor, out of armor he stands 6'4", Short blond hair, sapphire blue eyes, muscular build.
Personality: Enjoys working with explosives, intelligent, seemingly carefree. Tends to consume copious amount of caffeine.
History: Graduated third in class in his chemistry major but decided that his talents were better suited for weapons development and front line work for the military. Was notorious for pranks and general mischief in both his high school and in his collage which was also part of why he joined the military. During his off time he managed to get so drunk that he decide to terrorize a colony that he was stationed at with various non-lethal but still harmful chemical bombs and was then demoted back to private and sent to Hells Gate to serve his sentence.
Gear: Standard Marauder suit aside from the modified launchers, which are modified for higher yield explosives or a armor corroding acid. Grenades are launched more forcefully than standards allow and have a slightly increased range.
I may also work on some concept art in the following days, Im feeling really inspired to draw by this rp.., :)

I'll most likely be drawing up the Facility, Encampment, other locations, the PSC, my characters, plus maybe a few of yours...maybe, :P


IM PUTTING A CAP ON THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE IN THE RP NOW. WE NOW HAVE 18(ish) PARTICIPANTS. I WILL NOT ALLOW ANY MORE-Unless I change my mind in the following days/people drop out.
I have a character I can use, but I need time frame.

Edit-In other words, you never answered my question.
Nuke, I have one or two none human characters. The rest are human. Cool yo shizniz.
I made two humans. Hmph.
Be human please :)

Hey, MJ, I'll draw mine, I'll post it up on my tiny picture site - a few of you have seen it before. I'll put a link to it soon.

He's gunna look cool.

Kewl, :D
Name: Xander McCain
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Race: Terran
Occupation (If any): Medical Research/ Chief Medical Officer
Description: Xander McCain is a 6’ 4” tall human with a clean shaven head. Upon first glance you may think he is a marine on base, but this is not so. If you were ever lucky enough to get a glimpse of his back, on his left shoulder you would see a tattoo of a Grizzly bear.

Personality: Xander McCain is a more relaxed guy, the guy you would want to sit down and have a beer with. But this all changes when he is put under stress, be it light or not he gets snappy, quick to anger, and violence prone.

History :Xander McCain was born on a farming colony on a Fringe world. Growing up with six brothers and five sisters he was the oldest, and thus the strongest. Having to help his father drive equipment, repair it, tend to animals, and make sure his brothers didn't kill each other he gained a general all round sense of the farming life.

Hating everything about the farm he still continued on eventually meeting up with Sema Davis, his sweetheart. After two years of their courtship Xander was now happy with life. But that all changed. His home being one of the many colonies that were abandoned by the government when the zerg invaded he was forced to leave his home, family, and his sweetheart behind.

Needing something to do, he enlisted as a Medic. Hoping to be able to do some use in enlistment by being on the front-lines he was sadly disappointed. He was assigned to treat the wounded that rolled in from the aftermath of the battles. After years of this work he was able to leave the military and continue to educate himself. He was picked out of school by a scientist who was testing on zerg aggression who needed his... “Volunteers” patched up every so often.

Soon after he was hired the scientist himself was killed by a runaway Zerg. Returning back to school, this time determined to become a Doctor, he finished and was picked up by the Hells gate Research Facility to do side research and patch up their men for hire. Accepting this job quickly, he was soon a member of the team.

EXTRAS: He has a personal AI names “Jeeves 2.0” that controls the mechanical part of medbay. His “Avatar” is a Automaton 2000

Project/Description of Project (If Scientist): Xander McCain researches the effects of Infested Terran, as well as trying to study the acid of the Zerg and find its potential uses..

Ill just leave this here.
You popular Mockingbird.
Hey, Vasana! Welcome to JoeyRay's! Be sure to stop by Zanon's PRP bar for a warm welcome :)
02/14/2013 02:28 PMPosted by smylez
You popular Mockingbird.

I didn't know that.
@Vasana-YOU ARE THE LAST TO BE ACCEPTED. We officially have 18 participants.

That. Is. A. Lot. Of. People.

Especially when some participants have multiple characters...but we'll make it work! If nothing else, we can always do a Cortex with this idea...I enjoy that idea a lot too...

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