The Gates of Hell (Planning&PRP)

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That'd be pretty badass actually.
koro can u post in outbreak???? (Sorry Mocking)
God damn it Mecha. I just got home. I TOLD YOU TO STOP DOING THAT.

Its not okay.
A cortex of this ... would be sweet ... I'm not sure if it would work though ... as a lot of people DON'T have access to the actual game or they do but their computers suck and lag rediculously etc..
"I think I know a good map. Just have to ignore the littered bodies and the fact that it's in space."
the map Char Laboratories would be good not sure if it has been redone for the new patch that killed Cortex for a while. hmm ... I'd have to look at other maps but that will come later.
02/14/2013 03:21 PMPosted by TheLostMorph
A cortex of this ... would be sweet ... I'm not sure if it would work though ... as a lot of people DON'T have access to the actual game or they do but their computers suck and lag rediculously etc..
That might be interesting. Not sure what map we would use though.

P.S. I'll also be drawing my character, by the way.
might end up ... trying to draw my char at least ... I might spend some time later tonight looking at cortex maps.
Ok, check out this basic cartoon drawing of my char.

Kinda looks like the Spartan Company portrait.
"Nukester, it is good. LostMorph, I wish you luck. If I tried I would fail, badly, as I can only draw melee weaponry, and even they suck."
:P the one pic of Kit I did sucks ... but practice makes perfect :P
Did you like it?

Very Cool, :P
i just finished drawing slenderman so i'm going to lay off
Hmm station 6 would be good except that we need an outside area ... Char labs would be go also but not much area to put the central hab ...
Why am I always ignored....

Name: Jake Hunter

Age: 41

Gender: Male

Race: Terran

Occupation (If any): Mercenary

Gear (If Militant): Armor is painted red and blue, with the Jolly Rodger painted on both shoulders and a wolf on the visor, armor is also slimmed down to allow for extra mobility and movement range and has a small cannon on one shoulder.

Description: 6’ even, sun-tanned skin, skinny, but muscular, dark, almost black, hair, hazel eyes. Has a scar on his right eye from engaging a Hydralisk in hand-to-hand combat.

Personality:Calm and friendly, loves playing a game of cards. Loves making new friends, but his time since surviving the Outbreak has made him more cautious of enemies and more protective of friends and squad mates. Uses an Assault Plasma Rifle, Twin short swords that look like large trench knives, and a Scythe Pistol. Armor is outfitted to detect psionics, meaning cloaked foes are no longer a threat. Also has infrared and magnetic modes for his visor.

History: Initially enlisted with the Confederacy for benefits and assigned his own assault unit known as Sparta‘s Ghosts. Gained his nickname Slasher for his combat skills with blades. They were deployed to a derelict mining ship to rescue any survivors, and it was here he first encountered the Zerg. He was the only surviving member of his unit by the time he’d rallied the survivors together. Escaping to the frozen planet below, he and the other survivors fought off the Zerg until the enigmatic Protoss saved them. In the ensuing evacuation, he engaged a Hydralisk in CQC, and earned a scar for his victory. He vanished after escaping the planet, then resurfaced to become a security guard at New Folsom while helping the Raiders. Once that was done, he vanished again, planet hopping to avoid getting caught by the Dominion for helping with the breakout in New Folsom. Now he works as a mercenary guard for the Dominion, being able to hide his time with the Raiders thanks to Stettmann.

Double post, I know, but it's so I get's seen.

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