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Last night, after finishing a game, the application exited. Started the application again, played another game, and it locked my Mac hard. Booted today, started watching a replay from last night and it locked again about 10 minutes into the replay. Started the application again after letting the patch finish downloading and the application locked hard again while connecting to other players. Every time I have launched the application, it locks up my Mac.

iMac 3.4 GHz i7 with 4GB RAM OS X 10.7.5 with fully updated software.
Have you tried to run a repair from the launcher prior to playing to see if it helps?
Ran the repair tonight. Fired up the application. Played a game and it died in the middle of the game. Which was a pretty big bummer because it was an epic Silver League game.
This only started happening after the HoTS patch started downloading. It is now finished downloading. The computer continues to lock while playing.
Tonight was worse. Started the application and it locked up the computer within 30 seconds of login. I was just checking out who was online. Did not start a game or anything.
New data:

Started the application again. Started a game and the screen look like it locked. I noticed a weird sound coming from my second monitor. So I unplugged it from the iMac. I could hear that the game was still running. I hit Command-TAB and it successfully left the application to the desktop. Selected the application on the dock and I was back in the game and everything was working.

I am guessing it has something to do with the second monitor. Will investigate further tomorrow.
Was SC2 being displayed on the external display?

Sorry for the late follow-up. I was out sick last few days :(
No, the game was displayed on the primary display. I have played many games without issue since disconnecting the secondary monitor. This only started happening after the update.

I hope you are feeling better now!
If it is the secondary display, can you try this to see if it helps in anyway?

    1. Click on Finder
    2. Select Go from the system menu bar
    3. Click on Go to Folder
    4. Type in the following:
    ~/Library/Preferences5. Delete com.blizzard.starcraft2.plist
    6. Play StarCraft II

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