beta taken away?

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So.. I got the beta ( or at least i think i did) on Friday, was able to download the client and patch but ran into the log-in bug a lot of other people was getting. So I waited, tried to log in everyday but same thing kept happening. Today when I went to my Battle.Net acct , I saw that I no longer had the beta tab under my game list. I don't know what happened , could use a little info.
The same happened to me:(
Me too :\
Same thing happened to me.. Like umm what the heck blizz
Same on both my accounts.

Hope they ridistribute them again, because i gave away the beta key i got with my prepurchase :(
Same thing happened to me
Read the update 2/12. Mine was taken away also but I'm sure it'll be back b/c I got mine from the pre-order offer. His explanation makes sense as to why we do not see our beta access flagged on our accounts.

The link below will keep you all updated on all further progress pertaining to this specific issue as it becomes available.

UPDATE: Velnrak (Blue) posted an update a few minutes ago, I suggest checking it out asap!
This happens to me too but i believe that's y it happens.
If you have a beta key from the pre-order of HotS you can now re-enter your key and get access to the beta. I have tested this out myself and it works perfectly. They are still working on the issue of those that were invited randomly. You can keep updated on the official thread here...
hey guys, i just try to re-add my beta key again to my battle net account. IT WORKED. now i can log in and play spread the work. just to be clear: my beta account disappear from battle net account today re-add now i can log in and play. spread the word
Kazen, do you always repeat everything I say? You've done so the past 2 posts and in other threads. It feels kind of....stalker-ish.
Guys, don't worry Blizzard is aware of this issue and removed them for a reason. They realized that the random invites didn't actually have properly authenticated the account. They will be re-inviting people with proper authentication.

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